Publisher's Notes


• INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: A highly significant British organization, the Institute of Economic Affairs was founded in 1957 to improve public understanding of economic principles. The IEA has published more than 200 books, essays and reports, and is emerging as an influential source of free market ideas in Great Britain, as British politicians grope for new means of keeping the British economy from collapsing.

The IEA's newest publication, Denationalisation of Money, by Nobel Prize winning economist F.A. Hayek is a devastating attack on legal tender laws and monetarist policies. Hayek's landmark book discusses his reassessment of this important subject and deserves wide circulation.

To obtain a listing of IEA publications, write IEA, 2 Lord North St., Washington, D.C. SWIP 31B, England, or to IEA's U.S.A. distributor, Transatlantic Arts, North Village Green, Levittown, NY 11756. The Hayek book was scheduled for release in October at the price of £ 1.80, and will be reviewed in a future issue of REASON.

• POLITICS AND BUSINESS: Great Britain's Tory party issued a statement of its philosophy and policy in October. Entitled The Right Approach, the statement contains much vivid language defending the free market and attacking the horrors of the ruling Labor party program. Unfortunately, portions of the statement appear to cover more sides of an issue than Jimmy Carter. For example, on state subsidies to industry, the document states: "Our aim is to make it much more difficult for Governments to become involved in unviable industrial concerns, without making it impossible to support potentially viable firms where there is an overwhelmingly good reason for doing so that can be justified in Parliament." Read this sentence again and ask yourself whether Britain needs a Libertarian Party!

• ERRATUM: We wish to apologize to Mark Coleman, our guest Foreign Correspondent (October) for a typographical error in listing his author's credit. The reference to his position with Sunbums, should have read that he is a writer and circulation director for Sunbums, a youth-oriented underground newspaper in Hawaii.

• REASON PAPERS: Reason Papers began publication in 1974 in response to a frequently voiced desire for a scholarly, inquiring, and wide-ranging publication to explore issues related to the development of a good human community. Tibor Machan, editor of RP has observed that "The interdisciplinary character of the journal is intended to encourage scholarship that takes as a reasonable presupposition that reality is an integrated whole and capable of being studied by means of reasoned analysis of both ordinary and specialized experience. Its normative emphasis reflects the awareness of a widespread neglect of reasoned concern with problems of evaluation, criticism, and policy guidance."

Reason Papers is not yet a popular success, and it may be that no journal of its kind can be. What it has accomplished is to bring together a number of scholars whose concern for its aims could not be exhibited in other publications. The ranks of such scholars is growing, and Reason Papers has become a valuable source of scholarship. Copies of the Fall 1976 issue may be obtained for $4.00 from Tibor R. Machan, Reason Papers, Dept. of Philosophy, State University College, Fredonia, NY 14063.

• ROTHBARD INTERVIEW: The October issue of Penthouse contains an excellent interview with leading libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard. Rothbard was interviewed for Penthouse by Jim Davidson, National Taxpayers Union director. The interview is a good short item to circulate to your friends to acquaint them with libertarianism. And it might be helpful if Penthouse received a lot of mail commending them on this hot feature.

• TV SERIES: NBC and the Law and Economics Center (LEC) of the University of Miami School of Law have collaborated to produce America: The Super Market, a series of 20 half-hour TV programs on the American economic system. LEC is arranging for the series to be telecast on NBC stations in major cities in the U.S., and has produced a color videocassette of the series for use with in-school and in-company educational programs. Information concerning the series may be obtained from TV Series, Law and Economics Center, University of Miami School of Law, P.O. Box 248000, Coral Gables, FL 33124.