Publisher's Notes


• PRIZE AWARDED: The Law and Economics Center of the University of Miami School of Law (described in this month's "Spotlight") has announced the award of its annual prize for distinguished scholarship in law and economics to University of Chicago law professor Richard A. Posner. Posner, who is editor of the Journal of Legal Studies, received the award for his excellent article, "The Economic Approach to Law," which discusses the use in law schools of theories and methods of economics to increase understanding of the legal system. A limited number of copies of Posner's article, which originally appeared in the Texas Law Review in 1975, are available from Law and Economics Center, University of Miami School of Law, Coral Gables, FL 33124.

• NEW ORGANIZATION: The Center for Libertarian Studies has recently been formed and is looking for financial support. The CLS includes a distinguished group of scholars on its Board of Advisors and Executive Committee, and offers a serious, solidly-organized program of projects consisting of Libertarian Scholars Conferences, a fellowship program and new publications, including a Journal of Libertarian Studies to be edited by Murray Rothbard. The formation of the CLS is an exciting development for libertarians, and is worthy of support. Information concerning the CLS may be obtained from Center for Libertarian Studies, 200 West 58th St., Suite 5D, New York, NY 10019.

• PHOTO CREDIT: We inadvertently omitted to list the credit for the photograph of the Libertarian Party's Executive Committee in April's "Frontlines." The photo was taken for REASON by Ms. Jane Rehmke.

• FOLLOWUP: James Martin's electrifying article, "The Framing of 'Tokyo Rose,'" in REASON's February 1976 Special Revisionism Issue, was the subject of Nicholas Von Hoffman's nationally syndicated column in February. Following the publication of Martin's article, many newspapers carried stories on the notorious "Tokyo Rose" case involving Iva Toguri D'Aquino, who was unjustly convicted of treason in 1949, and the current campaign of the Japanese American Citizens League, which is seeking a presidential pardon for Mrs. D'Aquino based on her innocence. We urge all presidential candidates (including the incumbent) to announce their support of a pardon for Mrs. D'Aquino.