Publisher's Notes


• ARTICLES WANTED: The editors are interested in original articles on the following subjects:

(1) A detailed review of the relationship between the milk industry and government, both Federal and state, as a case study in "state capitalism" vs. competitive, free-market capitalism.

(2) A survey of current knowledge on the relationship between longevity and nutrition. Much new information has come to light in recent years, but what has been lacking is a practical guide for the lay person. The subject is particularly interesting in light of the Federal Government's institutional bias against increased longevity of its citizens who are viewed, once past 65, as nonproductive consumers of public funds.

(3) One or more articles dealing with problems of military defense, from a libertarian standpoint. One important topic is the morality of nuclear deterrence policies, in light of libertarian principles. Another is the question of financing collective military defense without resort to coercive taxation. Yet another issue concerns the optimum size of nations (or other entities) from a military defense standpoint; e.g., is a "libertarian nation" the size of the United States even feasible?

Before submitting manuscripts, please write for an Author Information Sheet and describe what you plan to write. Send to Reason Author Information, Box 6151, Santa Barbara, CA 93111.

• Hayek Awarded Nobel Prize: Friedrich von Hayek, a leading figure in the Austrian School of Economics, Mont Pelerin Society member and author of the libertarian classic, The Road To Serfdom, was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. A key figure in free market economics for many decades, von Hayek is also renowned for his work in political science and sociology. Currently teaching at the University of Salzburg, von Hayek shared the award with Swedish socialist and economist Gunnar Myrdal, whose book The American Dilemma was an important factor in precipitating the civil rights movement in this country. Two other important books by von Hayek are The Constitution of Liberty and Law, Liberty and Legislation which will be reviewed in the February issue of REASON. The same issue will contain an exclusive REASON interview with Dr. von Hayek.

• GOLD OUTLOOK: Don't look for an immediate rise in the price of gold, once the ban on ownership by U.S. citizens is lifted. According to Business Week (August 3, 1974) Treasury Secretary William Simon has won agreement from European governments to have the IMF sell gold to attempt to keep the price stable during the initial phase of U.S. buying. In addition, Simon is expected to announce the end of the ban sometime prior to the December 31 deadline, attempting to time the announcement on a downswing of gold's price (if one occurs between now and the end of the year!) "in an effort to outwit the speculators."

• ATTENTION DOCTORS: The September issue of Private Practice contains an excellent 16-page pull-out supplement entitled "The Case Against National Health Insurance." In addition to extensive practical arguments, the supplement makes a well-reasoned moral case, quoting extensively from Dr. Robert Sade's article "Medical Care as a Right: A Refutation," which appeared in both the New England Journal of Medicine and in REASON (September 1972). The issue also includes a new article by Dr. Sade, "The Real Health Care Crisis." Copies are available from Private Practice, 3037 N. W. 63rd St., Oklahoma City, OK 73116.