Publisher's Notes


• "DUMMY CONSERVATIVES": REASON has frequently exposed statist positions advocated by conservative spokesmen (see, e.g., "'Conservative' Attack on Property Rights," in this column in June). The John Birch Society, which endorses libertarian positions from time to time, recently expressed its dissatisfaction with the Nixon loyalists—referring to them as "the dummy conservatives." A Birch Society spokesman explained that he refers to Nixon loyalists as "dummies" because he believes that "while many are ideologically committed to a limited government role, they have foolishly entangled them-selves in support of a man whose presidency has been most powerfully marked by centralization of almost king-like power in the White House." According to Birch spokesmen, the "authentic, alert right" believes in severely limited government, and they are in some disgust and despair over the attitude of many of the Nixon loyalists (L.A. TIMES, June 25).

The Birch Society is planning to popularize a new slogan in the next few months: "Lower Taxes Through Less Government." We hope that the Birch Society is effective in getting this message across.

• REASON ACCOMPLISHMENTS: REASON Senior Editor Tibor Machan and Contributing Editor John Hospers have recently joined the staff of BOOKS FOR LIBERTARIANS as Associate Editors, along with REASON Contributing Editor Murray Rothbard. BFL is a well-edited monthly publication which features reviews of current books and records. (BFL, 422 First St., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003.) Dr. Machan also has reviewed several books dealing with death, euthanasia and abortion in the special issue (July/August) of THE HUMANIST on these topics.

REASON Editorial Assistant Marty Zupan, who has ably participated in the editing of various REASON interviews and assists in coordinating book reviews for REASON, has an article in the August issue of THE FREEMAN, entitled "The Business of Undermining Business." Editor-in-Chief Lynn Kinsky was elected to the Libertarian Party's Executive Committee as a Regional Representative at the LP's national convention in Dallas in June, and is active on its national publications committee.

Publisher & Editor Manuel Klausner recently addressed a Los Angeles chapter of the Society for Individual Liberty on "Some Favorable Trends in Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions," and spoke about libertarianism in the final round of the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce Speaker-of-the-Year competition. He also was interviewed on a major Los Angeles news station, KFWB, concerning a recreational area bond issue which appeared on California's June ballot.

• MOVIE TIPS: This month's "Movies" contains reviews of two new movies we particularly would like to recommend: Chinatown and The Parallax View. From a libertarian perspective, Chinatown may be of special interest for its story line. Although movies about corrupt politicians are not unusual, Chinatown is the first we know of which depicts a corrupt bond issue. We also enjoyed The Parallax View, the flawed but exciting assassination suspense thriller. The film has a Mission Impossible style to it—only the "bad guys" are in control. You don't need to have an obsession for conspiracy theory or advocate political assassinations to like this one.

• FROM CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT: Readers—avoid problems with your subscriptions—renewals payments, or changes of address—always enclose your old mailing label or invoice so that we may locate your subscription. IMPORTANT! We must have your ZIP code to locate you—that is the only way our monthly reports come out from the computer.

• REASON PAPERS: The first issue of Reason Enterprises' new publication, REASON PAPERS, is scheduled to be out in late September. Edited by REASON senior editor Tibor Machan, REASON PAPERS is an occasional journal of interdisciplinary normative studies. The initial issue, priced at $4.00, will feature articles and reviews by Israel Kirzner, James Buchanan, Eric Mack and Ralph Raico. Copies may still be ordered at the special prepublication price of $3.00 from Professor Machan, Dept, of Philosophy, SUNY College, Fredonia, NY 14063.

• HOSPERS TURNED AWAY: Libertarian philosopher John Hospers was forcibly prevented from entering The Bahamas on May 10. Hospers had been invited to address an Abaco Development Conference, by independence-seeking residents, but was barred by Bahamas customs agents. Hospers' book, LIBERTARIANISM, is a best-seller on Abaco, and the movement to declare independence and set up a laissez-faire enclave is growing rapidly. Bahamas Prime Minister Lyndon Pindling erroneously termed Hospers a "leftist agitator from Berkeley" when asked at a Miami press conference why Hospers was turned away while Vesco and other gangsters remain in residence. Hospers related the incident to those assembled at the Libertarian Party Convention in Dallas in June, terming himself "the two-bit Solzhenitsyn of the Bahamas."