REASON Profile: Sy Leon


Rampart College (104 West Fourth Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701) has been active, since its founding in 1956 by Robert LeFevre, in educating people in the substance and importance of libertarian values. Early this year the presidency of Rampart passed to Seymour (Sy) Leon, who had been associated with the college since 1966 as an instructor, administrator, and executive director (a position now held by Sy's wife, Riqui). Sy's aim is to broaden the base at Rampart to the extent that the entire range of libertarian perspectives will be available for study, discussion, and research. In addition to its existing seminars and home study courses, "Fundamentals of Liberty" and "Raising Children for Fun and Profit," Sy has included in the curricula one and two-day workshops on integrating libertarian philosophy with what is broadly termed a "humanistic" psychology, to promote an understanding of human relationships and personal motivation. Rampart is currently offering these programs for individuals and businesses.

In February 1972, Sy founded an organization, the League of Non-Voters, for the purpose of developing a means of communicating his position of non-political, individualistic libertarianism through the mass media. He offered a critical commentary on politics, politicians, the ballot system, and various social, political, and economic issues, and initiated the suggestion that ballots be amended to include the option, "None of the Above is Acceptable," claiming that only when people have a chance to say "No" do they have a real choice. He was featured on all major network news programs and has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and TV shows throughout the country, setting records for audience response in several instances. He received over 25,000 inquiries as a result of his appearances!

In addition to his work at Rampart and the League of Non-Voters, Sy was a Chicago area representative for Nathaniel Branden Institute and for three years he was a columnist for the Colorado Springs GAZETTE TELEGRAPH and other Freedom Newspapers. Sy's professional training is in electrical engineering and prior to joining Rampart his business activities were in the sales and marketing fields. His hobbies include gourmet dining and cooking, reading non-fiction, coin collecting, and raising three children—"for fun and profit."