Publisher's Notes


• SPECIAL BONUS FOR SUBSCRIBERS: This month's issue contains 48 pages, and is the largest issue REASON has published in its history. The newsstand price is $1.25, the same as REASON's highly acclaimed Special Issue of October 1971, which contained REASON's exclusive interview with Nathaniel Branden and Hans Sennholz's critique of Chicago Monetary Theory. Subscribers receive REASON's Special Issues at no extra charge.

• RESULTS OF READERS' SURVEY: Over 300 subscribers responded to REASON's reader questionnaire, carried in REASON's May 1972 issue. Results are being tabulated and will be announced next month.

• FILMING OF ATLAS SHRUGGED—STATUS REPORT: Despite public announcements that Ayn Rand's novel ATLAS SHRUGGED is to be filmed for release in 1973, it appears that Ms. Rand and producer Al Ruddy are not in complete agreement on terms, and the deal may not yet be final. According to an item in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, Ruddy conferred with Ms. Rand in New York before flying to Europe to promote his movie, THE GODFATHER.

It has been reported elsewhere that Ms. Rand had given up the rights to final script approval for the film version of ATLAS SHRUGGED. However, Ms. Rand herself stated (in the June 5 issue of the AYN RAND LETTER) that she will retain approval of the final script.

REASON will keep its readers advised of developments as soon as further information is obtained.

• DECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA: The California Marijuana Initiative (CMI) has qualified for the November ballot in California, the result of petition-circulation activity by 20,000 volunteers. Passage of the initiative would remove criminal penalties for personal use or possession of marijuana. Adopting the concept of "free backyard marijuana," the right to grow marijuana for personal use would be allowed, although sale or other commercial use of marijuana would remain illegal. Funds needed to mount an effective statewide campaign are being sought by CMI, 2221 Filbert St., San Francisco, Calif. 94123.

• CONFERENCE ON VICTIMLESS CRIME LAWS: Nathaniel Branden and Dr. Thomas Szasz are scheduled to participate with other prominent scholars in a two-day conference on victimless crimes to be held at the University of Southern California on 18-19 February 1973. The event is sponsored by the California Libertarian Alliance and the Action Coalition for Freedom. For further information, write CLA, 3710½ Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90006.

• CLASS ON LIBERTARIANISM: John Taylor is conducting a class on libertarianism at the Free University of San Diego. The class meets in San Diego on Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m. For details, contact John Taylor at (714)728-2773 or call (714)454-6038.