Publisher's Notes


• REASON ON MOVIES: REASON is pleased to announce the inauguration this month of a new regular column of film criticism by Charles Barr, leader of Libertarian Alternative and a previous contributor to REASON. We think our readers will find Barr's up-to-date, succinct reviews a helpful guide to moviegoing.

• READER QUESTIONNAIRES—LAST CALL: Readers who have not yet sent in their questionnaires (contained in May 1972 issue) are urged to do so now. Results of the questionnaire responses will be published shortly.

• POOLE SPEAKS AT UCLA: Associate editor Robert Poole addressed a class in the UCLA Graduate School of Management on 16 May 1972. The class was a second-year seminar studying the magazine industry, with particular emphasis on the "think magazines." Mr. Poole gave the 100 or so students a brief history of REASON and its relationship to the libertarian movement, and outlined Reason Enterprises' plans for the future. Other guest speakers during the semester included an editor of FORTUNE, a Los Angeles representative of NEWSWEEK, and Nicholas Charney, founder of PSYCHOLOGY TODAY and currently co-owner of SATURDAY REVIEW.

• NEW YORK STATE LIBERTARIAN PARTY: On 21 May 1972, the New York Libertarian Party met in Manhattan and nominated attorney Gary Greenberg as the Party's candidate for the 18th Congressional District. Ed Clark is State Chairperson of the Party, which has over 80 members. The Party has taken a stand against running candidates for national office this year, in favor of spending time and funds on local issues and races.

• CALL TO LIBERTARIAN LAWYERS: Over a year ago, Ralph Fucetola III and Gary Greenberg sought to create a Center for the Advancement of Libertarian Law. If anyone is interested in handling the organizational work for this libertarian lawyers' group, please contact Mr. Fucetola at 25 River Road, North Arlington, New Jersey 07032.