Publisher's Notes


• A group of California libertarians associated with Rampart College has formed the League of Non-Voters, in order to "challenge the power of American government and draw public attention to libertarian ideas." The group plans to campaign for a massive boycott of the polls until every ballot contains a provision enabling voters to vote against all candidates or measures thereon. Founding member Sy Leon noted that "Since a choice between politicians is no choice at all, the only way free men can cast a 'no' vote is to cast no vote—to boycott the electoral process which sanctions and strengthens the political structure. Don't consent to be governed."

• Associate Editor Tibor Machan has had another article published in the JOURNAL OF HUMAN RELATIONS published by Central State University, in Ohio. The article, entitled "Condition for Rights: Sphere of Authority," appeared in the 2nd Quarter 1971 issue, pp. 184-87.

• An excellent letter in opposition to Nixon's NEP appeared in the 6 December 1971 issue of the WALL STREET JOURNAL. The letter challenged the impression conveyed by the media "that there exists only scattered opposition to President Nixon's New Economic Policy among economists." It noted that "this impression is in error in that it ignores the view of many economists that [the NEP] represents a violation of basic principles of human liberty and efficient economic organization." The letter went on to document these charges at length. It was written by Robert Ayanian and Glenn A. Gotz, graduate students in the UCLA Department of Economics, and signed by 10 faculty members and 19 other graduate students.

• Bernard Siegan, Chicago attorney and author of the widely-acclaimed study "Nonzoning in Houston" (see "Trends," REASON, March 1971), has been touring the country speaking to various groups on his findings that zoning is at best irrelevant and at worst destructive. One such speech was published in the 21 June 1971 issue of BARRON'S under the title "Tear Down the Fences? Zoning—to Judge by Houston—Does More Harm than Good." The article has since been reprinted in various other newspapers.

• A letter from Nathaniel Branden appeared in the December 1971 issue of the APA MONITOR, published by the American Psychological Association. In his letter Mr. Branden challenged a recent APA position paper which had endorsed a national health care system to which "all persons should have equal access…regardless of ability to pay." Mr. Branden noted that "this means that physicians and psychotherapists are obliged to provide such services whether or not they wish to do so. Taken literally, this is advocacy of involuntary servitude." He went on to discuss the basic immorality of the proposal, pointing out that "man is an end in himself, not a means to the ends of others…physicians and psychotherapists are to be penalized precisely because they have so great a contribution to make to man's welfare; this is virtue and achievement turned into a liability."