Editor's Notes


• I should have noted that last month's article on Time and objectivity is to be continued. My apologies.

• Complimentary copies of this issue are being sent to over 100 Chicagoans by request of David Posmantier, chairman of that city's Association for New Intellectuals. Residents of Chicago and outlying areas who might desire information about this organization can write: ANI, c/o David Posmantier, 3330 S. Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, Tel: 326-6410. This issue is also being sent to new members of Stanford's Society of New Intellectuals. San Francisco Area readers can contact this group by writing James Wiegl, Box 8924, Stanford, Cal. 94305. Also, some copies are being sent to patrons of San Francisco's "Darlene Bridge Presents," A Romantic theatre company. (Mr. Wiegl will forward inquiries.)

• The following item first appeared in the newsletter of ANI: "In reply to an inquiry by an associate of ANI, the World Publishing Company stated the following: 'Miss Rand does not plan to start on a new novel for another couple of years. We have recently published a play by Miss Rand, Night of January 16, and her latest book, The Romantic Manifesto, will be available in the fall.' No further information is available."

• Special complaint contest (for New Yorkers only): For a limited time only we are accepting letters from irate New Yorkers. Do you have a complaint about your city? If the irritant can be easily traced to the misuse of force by the city government, we want to hear about it. We are particularly interested In examples which reveal the fundamental nature and consequence of collectivism; for example: the Seagram building "beauty" tax. Writer of the most original letter will win a year's subscription to REASON (extension of his own or gift). Decision of the judges is final.

• Readers with children will enjoy the cartoon and comic strip work of Steve Ditko, a New York artist. Mr. Ditko produces Mr. A and The Avenging World. Mr. A is a comic strip depicting a newsreporter who destroys criminals. Most interesting here is the philosophic frame-of-reference presented at the beginning of each strip, as well as the dialog, both of which combine to explain the underlying issues (the meaning of money, etc.) with a clarity rare in any art form today. The Avenging World, which is clearly adult fare, depicts by an engaging graphic technique philosophic principles responsible for the state of the world. Neutrality, for example, is revealed for what it is by the visual vehicle of the "neutralist," who looks exactly as one would mentally picture the shape of his soul. Copies of A.W. are available through Witzend, P.O. Box 882, Ansonia Station NYC, 10023. Ask for no. 6 and enclose $1. The address of Mr. A's publisher can be obtained through Mr. Ditko, 276 W. 43rd St., N.Y.C. 10036.