Letter to the Editor


Dear Mr. Friedlander:

…just for the sake of factual reporting, Leslie Fiedler is a "he," not a"she," as misgendered in your [April news and comment].

Your publication is very good. I look forward to receiving it. If I have any other criticism, it is only of a recent [March] editorial comment regarding copyrighted material by [the MBTA]. You answered their objection and warning to the effect that what's public cannot be privately copyrighted, and, therefore, the [MBTA] had no rational right to claim such copyright. Not true—legally. If legally, it is copyrighted, it is protected—whether rationally right or not. Your argument—and answer to [the MBTA]—was invalid.

If a law is wrong, it must be changed through proper, legal procedure, not by force, faith, or "exemption." Such arguments are not only legally invalid, but a contradiction to a rational, civilized philosophy of government.

George Dean
Chicago, Ill

Do readers agree with Mr. Dean? Mr. Dean's remarks, incidentally, are from a long letter concerning the recent "theater for ideas" in New York City and the "Living Theater's"disruption of that meeting (not reported in Time). Mr. Dean is a Chicago playwright and author.—ED