Editor's Notes


• The following paragraph should have appeared in the "black capitalism" article last month on page 9, between paragraphs 2 and 3:

"Life's PRIDE is not the only coin that turns out to be little more than a counterfeit slug; since last summer, most major newsmagazines have taken up the banner of "black capitalism"—with about the same imprecision and ignorance."

• Correspondents wanted: If you wish to act as a correspondent for this publication, please contact the editor for details concerning required functions and qualifications. We are especially interested in agents in these cities: Boston, New York, Wash., D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Mrs. J. Estrada, whose address is listed in the Intellectuals' Marketplace, is currently editing an anthology of essays on the subject of student terrorism. Each chapter covers a separate aspect of the subject: philosophy of the New Left, intellectual heroes, why they are succeeding, etc. Students and teachers on various campuses will act as contributors, and when the result is compiled and edited, it will be published in book form. Individuals interested in aiding the project may write Mrs. Estrada.

• Circulatory Arrangements: In order to prepare for and stimulate next fall's subscription rush, we are now accepting business representatives. The task of business representatives will be, at first, to submit the names and addresses of individuals likely to subscribe. A small fee will be paid for each name. When prospects subscribe, representatives will be paid a further and much larger fee. We have arranged an accurate auditing system to assure payment. If a representative's first short list of prospects draws an adequate response, he will be allowed to continue to submit larger lists. We currently have such an arrangement with several individuals around the country and it appears potentially profitable. Your location is immaterial; results are the only qualification. Please write the editor.

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SURVEY RESULTS: Our survey of pro-Objectivist groups on campus drew several dozen responses from groups on and off campus. Although we are certain that this is not a complete list (several universities did not respond), it is the most complete one available. Groups or individuals wishing to purchase a xerox copy should write the editor and enclose 25¢.