Matt Welch Discusses Obama's Closed Door Meeting with Tech Companies on Markets Now

Reason magazine Editor-in-Chief Matt Welch appeared on Fox Business Network's Markets Now to discuss Obama's meeting with technology companies as part of damage control for Snowden's NSA leaks and Obamacare's rollout.

About 5 minutes.

Airdate December 17, 2013.

Watch by clicking above.  Click below for downloadable versions, more vids, and links.

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  • ChrisMills||

    Does Tamara Holder have a rational thought in her head? You can't know that CEOs meeting POTUS is going to result in exactly no value unless you've personally met POTUS in the White House? Shouldn't you bring your brain when you're interviewed on national television?

  • Freddy B||

    Tamara also does not differentiate between the voluntary providing of information to a company and the taking of information by the government.

  • Polandball||

    Okay, seriously? How is there any parallel between companies gathering data on our online surfing habits and the government? Lets briefly examine using Google as an example:

    1. Google's mobile OS, known as Android, gathers data and customizes search results based on location data. Luckily, if this concept makes you uncomfortable, you can easily opt out of location reporting. You can't do that with government spying.

    2. Google is presenting a service which the consumer voluntarily uses. If you don't like it, you can use another service which doesn't track your online behavior. The search engine "duckduckgo" comes to mind.

    3. If you search something on Google that might be of questionable but potentially innocent intent, then that's fine. Google won't break down your door and shoot your dog at 3am with a search warrant.

    And surely the list must go on.

  • amagi1776||

    Google and Apple can't (apparently legally?) send a robot to murder me in my home.

    Apparently this distinction is lost on the punditry.

  • amagi1776||

    Also, I this entire segment was garbage. The center talking head was almost as bad as the Democratic apartnik on the right.

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