Reason TV's Anthony Fisher on RT, Talking Walmart and DC Living Wage Bill

I appeared on RT yesterday, debating host Sam Sacks and Rev. Graylan Hagler, a Washington, DC based activist who supports the living wage bill recently vetoed by DC Mayor Vincent Gray, which would have raised the minimum wage for employees of big box stores like Walmart, but left other businesses exempt from the increase. 

About 11 minutes. 

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  • plusafdotcom||

    11:10... no, shithead, that's NOT an "economic principle," it's a religious belief, and you can't even tell the difference between the two!

    Sick person.

  • wadair||

    Exactly. These spiritual principals (such as: to those to whom much is given, much is expected) are meant to apply to oneself, not so much to others. Nonetheless, I really doubt that the good reverend pays a "living wage" to every worker in his organization.

  • Dan||

    What the f*** was that? I can't believe I just watched that on reason tv. Are you guys trying to compete with al jazeera america for who can air the most insane idiotic nonsense now?

    Really the best guest you could find to discuss the economic issues surrounding walmart was a preacher? And where did you find the host. All he was doing was repeating the idiotic crap the preacher was saying. He at one point challenged the other guest on the basis of scripture the preacher had quoted. Looked like a presidential debate with the "moderator" clearly in the tank for one side. And in this case clearly the wrong side.

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