Deputies Bust Gays with Unconstitutional Sodomy Law: Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do?!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana suffers from the eighth highest murder rate in the nation, and yet local law enforcement apparently considers it a top priority to conduct sting operations on gay men seeking consensual sex.

According to an investigation by The Advocate, deputies have been going undercover and busting gay men using an anti-sodomy law the Supreme Court had declared unconstitutional ten years ago. (Sheriff Sid Gautreaux says he hadn't heard about the Supreme Court decision.)

Meanwhile, the local murder rate has jumped 40 percent over the past decade.

Just over two minutes.

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"Don't Cops Have Better Things to Do?" is written and directed by Ted Balaker (@tedbalaker). Producer is Matt Edwards. Opening motion graphics by Meredith Bragg. Camera by Zach Weissmueller. Music by and "The Contessa" is by Maurice and the Beejays (Magnatune Records).

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  • fish||

    They were hoping to get blowjobs but then the whole thing just kinda spun out of control.

  • bmp1701||

    Damn it, they were just trying to collect evidence! They got those blowjobs in the NAME OF THE LAW!

  • anon||

    Getting blowjobs, for God and Country.

  • fish||

    Damn it, they were just trying to collect evidence!

    Isn't that providing evidence?

  • Daily Beatings||

    ... or just get punched in the junk:

  • April06||

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  • ||

    Pussy cops don't go after real criminals, like murderers! Too dangerous! Their #1 duty is to go home at the end of their shift, after all.

  • Archduke Trousersenthusiast||



  • Matrix||

    Every law enforcement officer and official involved in these sting operations needs to be fired.

  • C. S. P. Schofield||

    "Every law enforcement officer and official involved in these sting operations needs to be fried."

    There, fixed that for you.

  • anon||

    Meanwhile, the local murder rate has jumped 40 percent over the past decade.

    Of course, fags are ruining America. Murderers are actually helping the crime rate go up, which will help the Local LEO Heroes to get moar funding!

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    "The DA didn't press charges because no crime had been committed."

    How about an unconstitutional arrest? Seems like criminal assault and kidnapping.

  • anon||

    How about an unconstitutional arrest? Seems like criminal assault and kidnapping.

    Psh, laws are for subjects, not their rulers.

  • Ken Shultz||

    Everything you showed about that cop is obnoxious--including the Harley. There's no reason whatsoever why any police department in the country should be maintaining an old school Harley like that.

    That's like seeing a department use '57 Chevys for squad cars.

    Everywhere you look in that video, seems like there's a lack of accountability.

  • Pro Libertate||

    That would be cool. A small town with Bel Airs driving around. I mean, leaving aside the cost and other issues for a moment.

  • Ken Shultz||

    I am not a Harley guy. I did 2,000 miles in one trip this summer. I did 85% of it through the twistiesp--so I wouldn't call it cruising--but I do go long range, and I wouldn't be caught dead on a Harley. As far as I'm concerned, they're a freaking embarrassment to motorcycles.

    That Harley, though? Leaving the cost issues aside?

    The standard response to critics by Harley people is, they say, "More than 98% of the Harleys every built are still on the road". To which the rest of us reply, "Yeah, and the other 2% finally made it home". You can't ignore the cost side completely, because maintenance is both much more necessary and much, much more expensive than it is on other bikes.

    And what it's really showing is that the department has no fear of criticism. If you can get away with riding around on a ridiculously expensive bike on the taxpayer's dime? Then you can probably get a way with a lot of other things, too.

    I feel sorry for the people of Baton Rouge. Maybe the reason their murder rate is so high is because the gangs know that the cops are mostly unaccountable--in all sorts of ways. Why put yourself in danger when you can cruise around on your Harley instead?

  • squarooticus||

    What's the difference between a Harley and a vacuum cleaner?

    With a vacuum cleaner, the dirt bag is on the inside.

  • Almanian!||

    So what do you ride, Ken? I finally sold my '99 Sporty to our IT guy last year....cause I never rode it cause it's a PIECE OF SHIT compared to real motorcycles.

    ZX14 Ninja, ZRX1200R Eddie Lawson replica, Honda XR650 for gettin' dirty.


    PS Keep the shiny side up, and I hope the cages all see you :)

  • Ken Shultz||

    The only bike I have right now, and the one I did the 2,000 miles of twisties on--believe it or not--is a Suzuki TU250x. Yeah, a 250! Sounds crazy, but I swapped out the front sprocket to give myself some more high end, and in the twisties, you don't need to go much over 45 mph anyway. It's basically a standard--like a Bonneville knock off.

    I really like naked bikes. Or, I should say, I like bikes that are made for the twisties--but where the rider is sitting like in a crusier position.

    My perfect bike should be a KTM 990 SuperMoto T--except that there isn't a KTM dealer nearby, and I don't want to have to wait a month at a time when I order parts. I'd be on a 690 Duke but for the same reasons.

    For my next bike, I'm waiting for the new Yamaha to come out--their new FZ-09 looks great, especially for the price! They're supposed to hit the dealers in September/October.


  • gimmeasammich||

    Is that when an astronaut moved into the neighborhood and simultaneously all the leaves started falling off of the trees?

  • Wizard4169||

    That's why I stick to my SV650. Comfortable, upright seating position, minimalist bodywork, and the L-twin sounds great. (Just compare the angry-bumblebee buzz of a four-banger to the bellow & roar of a twin in full battle-cry.) Plus, my ten-year-old 'zook still gets plenty of compliments.

    OTOH, I say, "Ride what you like!" If you wanna be just like everyone else, buy a Camry.

  • entropy||

    Everywhere you look in that video, seems like there's a lack of accountability.

    So you're saying the video is full of cops and other government employees?

  • Ken Shultz||

    There's even more evidence than that.

  • ||

    BTW, the costuming and acting in this video was awesome. I got prairie-dogged by my next door cube neighbor when I snorted at "Sodomy. Sodomy."

  • Raston Bot||

    Cops would go to the park, pick up men, lure them back to their private residence, then arrest them and slander their names in the press. This is going to get expensive for Baton Rouge.

  • Pro Libertate||

    Baton Rouge is French for "red stick."

  • Hugh Akston||

    So you're saying that being full of homos is the town's destiny?

  • Pro Libertate||

    All I'm saying is that the town was apparently named after a penis. Like the Grand Tetons were named after some woman's tits. I mean, that's what Grand Tetons means--big tits.

  • SugarFree||

    Grosse Pointe is also a penis joke.

  • Pro Libertate||

    Lexington was originally known as Sexington.

  • SugarFree||

    That's a half-truth!

  • Pro Libertate||

    But it conveys a much deeper, higher truth.

  • Rhywun||

    They just got "Cruisin'" at the local drive thru and the sheriff is using it as a training film.

  • Almanian!||

    Sodomy laws are a pain in the ass. They're just another way to shit on the public by prim Puritans who make an ass of freedom.

    I fart in their general direction.

  • Scruffy Nerfherder||

    According to our wonderful State AG who wants to bring back sodomy laws in Virginia, they're just there to protect the chilluns.

  • Dweebston||

    Much like one of our state reps who introduced legislation specifically criminalizing post-rape abortions. Why? Because it destroys evidence of a crime.

    We must make you a criminal... to protect you from crime. Right.

  • some guy||

    Beat me to it. This is going to be the worst governor race ever.

  • Scruffy Nerfherder||

    Tell me about it. I'd rather be voting to see which one gets tarred and feathered. There would be some satisfaction in that.

    And the Virginia GOP sucks donkey dick. They could not find a decent candidate for governor if their life depended on it.

  • ||

    Why? The LP is finally fielding a candidate.

  • PRX||

    how did the cops fly below those gay guy's straightdar? by going down low?

  • anon||

    You assume cops think getting blowjobs from a guy isn't gay.

  • anon||

    Er, is gay, damnit

  • BakedPenguin||

    "It's about power, not sex."

  • Dweebston||

    Deputies Bust Gays with Unconstitutional Sodomy Law: Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do?!

    I disagree; if cops focus exclusively on persecuting gays, who are then compensated by taxpayers after the inevitable lawsuits, society would come out ahead by miles.

  • some guy||

    And Ken Cuccinelli says he only wants an anti-sodomy law so he can use it against child predators. Riiiight.

  • John||

    Sugar Free put a link up to this story a week or so ago. And at first I couldn't figure out where the hell the Justice Department is on this case. A redneck sheriff going after gay people for consensual sodomy should be something that even the Holder DOJ is all over. So why aren't they? I think I figured out why.

    If DOJ does the right thing and opens a civil rights investigation on this case, a future Republican Administration could then use that as a precedent to open an investigation on a police department that ignored McDonald and kept enforcing gun laws. And the Holder DOJ doesn't want that. That is the only reason I can think of for DOJ not killing these clowns. Basically, they are making the calculation that if a few innocent gay men have to spend some time in some redneck country jail to further the cause, then so be it.

  • anon||

    A redneck sheriff going after gay people for consensual sodomy should be something that even the Holder DOJ is all over. So why aren't they? I think I figured out why.

    Think you're going way too deep on this.

    DOJ challenging authority? That challenges the narrative that police are the good guys, and neither team wants that.

  • John||

    DOJ loves to stomp on state and locals. The feds are the authority. And they love to make sure the locals know that. Going after a local sheriff is something DOJ does to show they are the alpha dog.

  • SugarFree||

    Or it's a rope-a-dope about state's rights. "See? See what happens when states decide for themselves?"

  • John||

    Maybe. But it doesn't seem to be getting much press. And if it did, the pressure for DOJ to do something would be pretty large. I really think it is that DOJ does not want to set the precedent that the feds are going to go after locals who ignore Supreme Court decisions and keep enforcing unconstitutional laws. They want states doing just that with regard to gun laws.

  • Troglodyte Rex||

    Think you're going way too deep on this.

    Balls deep?

  • Tony||

    Let's play a game. I'll name an issue in the world, and John will tell us why it's the Obama administration's fault.

    The extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Go.

  • bassjoe||

    Pshaw. Everybody knows that dinosaurs and the whole "the universe is billions of years old thing" are just liberal myths perpetuated by the Obama administration.

  • My Dog Bites Better Than Yours||

    Yeah, but Bush started it!

  • NealAppeal||

    Actually, this is wholly untrue and Tony has proof that it is a lie.

    "Mother is extremely large, ridiculously old, and has a tiny brain. Dinosaurs exist!" /Tony

  • Tomblvd||

    If you would have bothered to look a little more closely, the reasoning would have been crystal- clear.

    It is a well known fact that gay men like to keep dogs (as PETS you perv!), usually the little, yappy kind.

    So putting 2 and 2 together, it's obvious that the cops were just looking for a reason to go back the the gay guys place so he could shoot him some dog.

    Pretty obvious.

  • gaoxiaen||

    They shit in the park so they should be exterminated.

  • Ann N||

    isnt that kind of unavoidable if you just got sodomized?

    you got a butt full of liquid and things have gotten pushed all around.

  • Duke||

    Oh Baton Rouge, the worst city in Louisiana. And that's saying something.

    Don't know why the gays couldn't just drive an hour east to my neck of the woods. Man-on-man action is how we while away the hot summer days here in N'awlins.

  • bassjoe||

    No, they don't.

  • gaoxiaen||

    Ignorance of the law...

  • gaoxiaen||

    is an excuse if you're a cop.

  • ||

    $87 $64. I'm following this one!

  • jdfinct||

    lol the "Don't cops have anything better to do?" makes me laugh and remember when i asked a cop that when he pulled me over for a seat belt violation. He was not amused lol He got so upset he called in backup to deal with me. ah memories.

  • Anders||

    This sounds like Baton Rouge has a lot of homosexual cops who like to get blown and sodomize men then arrest them at the climax.

    It's a weird perversion but this is Louisiana.

  • Anders||

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  • VicRattlehead||

    we should form an organization dedicated to upholding the law and peoples rights, and protect them from uniformed gang members. we will call ourselves Police police seems like a perfect opportunity to increase taxes and expand the bureaucracy. can you feel the cynicism?

  • HenryC||

    It use to be that any sex outside of marriage was illegal. Lots of states did not have it illegal between married couples, although before penicillin there was a very good reason to outlaw it. In fact I am fairly sure the sex laws would not have changed without the coming of modern medicine. It just takes societies mores a while to catch up with changes in science.

  • Bgoptmst||

    Which is problematic because if the govt manages your health care then it is reasonable to expect that it will at some point legislate towards health. It will "keep cost down," but ultimately result in less individual freedom.

  • Larakris||

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