Sharif Matar Talks Hawaii's Light-Rail Boondoggle On The Blaze Radio's "Pat and Stu Show”

ReasonTV producer Sharif Matar discussed the recent documentary, Light-Rail to Nowhere: Honolulu, Hawaii's Train Boondoggle with the "Pat and Stu Show" on Glenn Beck's The Blaze Radio Network. Honolulu, Hawaii and Detroit, Michigan are facing fiscal crises, yet both have recently decided to start building rail lines. Sharif explains how light-rail is a terrible idea and how the federal government is wasting billions subsidizing the projects across the country.

Airdate:  August 6th, 2013.

About 10 minutes.

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  • anon||

    You should post this in H&R, Sharif.

    Also: Didn't know Dubya had heart surgery.

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