Ron Paul Banned from DC! Roommates Banned in NY! (Nanny of the Month, Feb '13)

Maybe in hindsight it was inevitable: Ron Paul has been banned from Washington, DC! (The personalized license plate that bears his name, that is.) 

A Freedom of Information Act request from, has yielded a hilariously infuriating 68-page list of vanity plates banned by Washington, DC's DMV. In the list you'll find everything from sexual innuendos (including nearly 2000 variations of the number "69") to calls for "LSSGOVT" and, of course, countless references to marijuana, from the obvious (POTHEAD) to the clever (POTOMAC). 

But this time the Nanny of the Month comes to us from Watertown, New York, where the city council has banned roommates from residential neighborhoods (which would include everyone from unmarried couples to domestic partners and soldiers sharing a home). 

Seems that a local woman named Deborah Cavallario wasn't keen on her neighbor living with his fiance and two friends, so she persuaded three out of five council members to zone away un-related roommates. (She insists it wasn't a "dirtbag" move.)

And you thought you got to say who stays under your roof! That rumble you hear is the sound of a thousand lawyers heading to this Empire State town. 

1 minute, 45 seconds.

"Nanny of the Month" is written and produced by Ted Balaker (follow him on Twitter @tedbalaker and submit nanny noms). Research by Matt Edwards. Opening animation by Meredith Bragg.

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  • ||

    That might be the dumbest one yet. I cannot comprehend the reasoning on this. Looking forward to the lawsuits, though.

  • Sudden||

    DC banning all those weed related license plates is interesting. I bet the cops are a bit upset since a license plate that reads "Its420" is pretty much asking to be pulled over and searched.

  • Professional Target||

    They banned "Potomac"? The river? Why, because it had p-o-t in it?

  • freeAgent||

    Yeah, if they're going to ban "Potomac", they may as well remove "Washington, DC" from all their license plates as well. Apparently names of places in and around DC are somehow offensive or inappropriate.

  • Professional Target||

    I find the term DC offensive too. That's why I always refer to it as 12 volt.

  • CE||

    What about 1.5V DC batteries?

  • some guy||

    U+2393 woudl work

  • Concerned Citizen||

    Re: Roomate ban - No State...shall interfere in the obligation of contracts.

  • Capt Ace Rimmer||

    the "right" to vomit your morality onto other people trumps all

  • ||

    so she persuaded three out of five council members to zone away un-related roommates

    Maybe lynching of "public servants" ought to be legalized... but at least decriminalized.

  • John Galt||

    Aye, the good ole days when it was tar and feathers for the public servant who didn't serve the public.

  • Don't pick an ideology||

    Not sure if I'm allowed to say but Deborah's email is if you wish to compliment her on anything or whatever.

  • Henry the Twooth||

    LoL. The banned list proves one thing: men are obsessed with rear ends, whether for kicking reasons or sexual ones.

  • XM||

    Ron Paul banned from DC! (just license plates bearing his name)

    Darn, and Rand was this close to becoming president.

  • Liberty Reloaded||

    Libertarians need to see this:

  • Liberty Reloaded||

    Wow. We seem to live in two Americas. In one, the rich and powerful get to throw out everyone who doesn't tickle their fancy.(pun not intended) Sure, inclusion and sexual libertinism are great, just not in my backyard. How many of the ruling class do you think lives in areas more than 10% NAM(Non-Asian Minority)?

  • CounterDemoPublican||

    The roommate ban is one of the most anti-market measures a town can implement. Less residents means less $$$ that is spent locally.

  • John Galt||

    They banned "MSTRB8" but not MSTRB8R. Sweet.

  • David U||


  • Andyb||

    She runs a company out of her home doesn't she need to ask for a change in zoning?

  • Manor45||

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  • SG||

    I live in Watertown NY...Our City Council Makes us look Stupid once again! Shame Shame Shame! Earlier this year they passed a law banning dogs from ALL public events. I have been trying to get a Dog park here for the past 5 years. They even turned down a $200,000 donation to build it for free! I had 100's of people sign petitions to build...but have some rich woman bring in a petition with like 12 signatures...and they pass a law that takes us backwards 50 least! Mayor was against it...says it unenforceable...which is true! So why pass? Syracuse Lawyer Joe Stanley thought local Radio host Glenn Curry was joking when he was asked about it. So sad for Watertown...2 seat up for election in November...fingers crossed!

  • DenverJay||

    I can't even figure out what some of them mean....but I did see "AINOKEA" which I thought was pigeon Hawaiian for "I don't care", as in "I no kea". So the state thinks I should apply myself?

  • homme nike air max TN||

    And you thought you got to say who stays under your roof! That rumble you hear is the sound of a thousand lawyers heading to this Empire State town.

  • Godly66||

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