The Plight of the Alpha Female: Kay Hymowitz

“There’s a tension between being an engaged parent and being an alpha. Is that an injustice? I think that’s just life,” says Kay Hymowitz, commenting on her article, “The Plight of the Alpha Female” in the Autumn 2012 edition of City Journal.

As women increasingly become the breadwinners in society, the highest ranks of government and private enterprise remain dominated by men. Is this unfair? While many feminists point to this gender gap as evidence of discrimination, Hymowitz takes a hard look at the data, and finds that most women are choosing family over career. Her insight poses a challenge to traditional feminist notions of gender roles, pay equity, and the proper role of government in the workplace.

Kay sat down to talk with ReasonTV’s Kennedy about the benefits of 21st century parenting, why women often excel in family unfriendly workplaces, and more.

About 9:25 minutes.

Camera by Jim Epstein and Anthony Fisher. Edited by Todd Krainin.

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  • Paul.||

    The Plight of the Alpha Female: Kay Hymowitz

    I'm glad someone is finally taking my problems into account.

    I'm an alpha male! And I vote!

    As women increasingly become the breadwinners in society, the highest ranks of government and private enterprise remain dominated by men.

    So confusing. They make all the money, but they don't have the powah!

    What about those of us who neither make money nor have powah? What about our needs?

  • BuSab Agent||

    Be a man and suck it up!

  • wlion||

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  • ChrisO||

    Social engineering types really need to just go away and spend their time playing The Sims, so the rest of us can get on with life.

  • The Late P Brooks||

    Who will weep for the pushy bitches?

  • Libertarius||

    It is to the level of animals that you are determined to reduce yourselves. If you don't reject this latest flavor of bio-determinism, you deserve it.

  • Almanian.||


  • Skyhawk||

    We are animals. Like it or not, no matter what a 2000+ year-old storybook says, we are animals.

  • Libertarius||

    I'm an atheist, so don't. But that doesn't mean I have to adopt materialism as my metaphysical orientation; I'm an Objectivist, so I reject the mind-body dichotomy and all the horrible ideas it has produced.

  • An0nB0t||

    The obvious solution is to allow only female candidates to run for office every other election.

    Equality of outcome: live it, love it, enforce it.

  • Skomoroh||

    Well I may get kicked off Team Man for this but I am going to give the secret to all the alpha females on how they can be as successful as alpha males.

    Here goes.

    Make the same decisions that alpha males make.

    Yep that is it. Sorry guys for spilling the beans.

    But I am not done yet helping out the women folk, I am even going to give a specific example.

    An alpha male will choose to marry a woman who prioritizes children and home so that he doesn't have to spend effort on that front. The downside to this is he takes the sole burden of being the breadwinner at least for a period of time. Alpha women do not want to lower themselves to marrying a non alpha male. They want to keep their options open in case they don't want to be the breadwinner. See how that works? The alpha man has an advantage due to the choices of the alpha women. Solution: alpha women need to be willing to marry men who want to be house-husbands. They are out there.

    Ladies let me know if you need anymore advice in how to make the same decisions as men. Hell, we will even pretend I have a PHD from an Ivy League so that you can deign to take said advice.

  • Tejicano||

    I also have little regard for the obnoxious femi-nazis who cop the attitude that any male who avoids them is intimidated. I tend to spend as little time as possible dealing with overbearing a$$holes of any gender but that does not equal "intimidation".

    And I find it pathetic that these same wymin don't understand why it is so hard to find a guy who wants to date an overbearing a$$hole.

  • hotsy totsy||

    Solution: alpha women need to be willing to marry men who want to be house-husbands. They are out there

    Except "house-husbands" don't prioritize children and homemaking either. They tend to be lazy arrogant louts who the alpha woman ends up having to take care of anyway, as well as children and home.

    Solution: Be as physically attractive and sexy as you can to attract an alpha male, meaning an intelligent driven guy with ambition who is willing to work. Not necessarily charismatic or charming or so so sensitive.
    He should love you and respect you and feel very very lucky to have you. You can then have your life as a money making executive, or stay at home and raise a family or some combination of both.

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  • ||

    [i]Wait, what?[i]

  • ||

    Heading 1

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