The Cast of Atlas Shrugged Part II Talks Film's Impact

"The book was incredibly informative for me," says actress Samantha Mathis who plays Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged Part II, "in terms of figuring out [Dagny's] backstory and where she came from, and why she believed what she believed, and what her relationships were."

ReasonTV correspondent Kennedy spoke with Mathis and other cast members at the film's Hollywood Premiere on Oct. 5 to find out how they connected with their characters and the themes portrayed in the movie.

Atlas Shrugged Part II, the second of three films based on Ayn Rand's controversial 1957 novel, hits theaters nationwide on Friday, October 12, 2012. (For more information on the film, go to

About 3 minutes.

Produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. Camera by Paul Detrick.

Scoll down for downloadable versions, and watch Reason TV's Ayn Rand playlist at

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  • Anonymous Bosch||

    Memo to Reason from Your Readers:

    Can we please, please stop polishing this turd just because it happens to align with us philosophically?

  • DEA||

    While part 1 was no masterpiece of cinema, I wouldn't say it was bad. A little juvenile, with some truly strange editing and post-production elements. The rest of the movie was majestic panoramic shots and snappy dialogue, quite a bit of it taken from the book. Strong visuals throughout and solid production work from the crew.

    Would Ayn Rand have liked it? Probably not. Who cares? She's dead. I was entertained, I thought it was a decent film. It was better than I was expecting it to be.

  • 16hnny||

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  • Shmurphy||

    I disagree with Anna and all subsequent arguments are invalid.

  • some guy666||

    Take anonymous bosch's advice...Please stop trying to bring life to this paranoid fable.

  • H. Reardon||

    There's nothing more painful to listen to that actors and actresses trying to explain the great significance of their work.

  • H. Reardon||

    How in the fuck does that link get in there. How did I become an involuntary spammer?

  • H. Reardon||

    An now it's gone. The squirrels have me confused and frightened.

  • Shmurphy||

    Regardless of how many balls the movie sucks, one thing is clear:

    Kennedy is awesome.

  • zekec17||

    Well, judging by these interviews, at least we know they picked decent actors. If you catch my drift...

  • The Knuckle||

    I am picking up what you're laying down.

    I actually was entertained by the first movie and I wish this one had the same cast. I hate cast changes mid franchise.

  • bluesky||

    A good film

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