Really Good Reasons to Skip College: Q&A with Blake Boles


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"If you're undecided, if you just want to go for the social experience, if you just want to move away from home, if you want to generally explore the liberal arts, I think that all those things can be done much more cheaply, effectively, and, again, building more of an entrepreneurial spirit by taking a path that is not traditional college."

Reason TV sat down with Blake Boles to discuss his controversial book, Better Than College, which makes the case for education through entrepreneurship.

Outside of the hard sciences, a degree may or may not guarantee success and may hinder innovation in some cases. Rather than endure the financial stress of five figure student debt, Boles suggests employing creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit to create something of value for the world.

Duration 5:03

Produced by Zach Weissmueller.

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