Perspectives on the Financial Market Crisis at Reason Goes Hollywood

At Reason Goes Hollywood, our 40th anniversary bash held November 14-15 in Los Angeles, no topic generated more heat than the financial crisis and the government's seemingly endless (and endlessly revised) bailout plans.

In this hour-long panel, Reason's director of government affairs Mike Flynn leads a wide-ranging and intense discussion about just how bad the bailouts will be in the short- and long-terms-and whether the worsening economy might actually make some limited-government reforms more possible than not. Joining Flynn are Mercatus Center economist and Reason columnist Veronique de Rugy, former Los Angeles Times online editor and Reason contributing editor Tim Cavanaugh, and Reason Foundation director of government reform Len Gilroy.

Go here for an MP3 podcast.

And go here for a one-stop link to all of Reason's materials on the bailout.

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