Andrew W.K's Personal Stimulus Plan.: Party Like Your Whole World Depends on It!

Musician, Destroy Build Destroy Host, and Master Partyer Andrew W.K. is "not an expert on anything except having fun."

In the short monologue above, he explains three simple truths that partying has taught him about money. Here's one of them:

Some people have tried to make me feel guilty about spending money on things they call "frivolous," but the beauty of money is that it is up to you to decide how to spend it. That's the freedom. And there should never be any feelings of regret or sadness when you use your money for joyful experiences. If paying to go on a roller coaster makes me happy, then money really can buy happiness. When we have experiences of joy that last, we're not only investing in our own direct happiness, but the happiness of the world in general.

More here.

The State Department made a serious error when it passed on the chance to make the Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld habitue an emissary to the Middle East.

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  • fish||

    So what's the matter with this one? Too subtle?

  • Tim||

    Check back in when he's 65.


    This is why I invested Orphan Labor into my Diamond Mines at an early age.

    Their age I mean.

  • Brett L||

    Oh noes! Someone may spend money on things I don't like, though!

  • fish||

    How come I have an ad for "Meet Local Muscular Women" on my page?

  • Loki||

    They know what you've been googling.


    You now, huh? They left me alone after about a week. I am betting it is some kind of weird consequence of being associated with Warty.

  • ||

    I saw Andrew WK in 2004 or so. It was a gross, sweaty, on-drugs awesome night.


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