Brickbat: Punching Back

Consignment sale operator Rhea Lana Riner has sued the U.S. Department of Labor for hurting her business. Riner uses volunteers to staff her consignment sales. In return, the volunteers, mostly retirees and stay-at-home moms, get the chance to shop early at the sales. But the Labor Department says Riner is violating federal law by not paying the volunteers minimum wage. It told those volunteers they can sue for back wages. None have done so, but Riner contends the threat of lawsuits has harmed her business. 

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    “The essence of being a volunteer is that you do it because you want to,” he says. “Nobody is conscripted to volunteer.”

    That's the sort of thing you'd expect from some pie-in-the-sky libertarian. Try it in the real world. Somalia!

  • anon||

    c-. Forgot roadz.

  • Snark Plissken||

    She should just call them interns, then she can sexually exploit them also!

  • Swiss Servator, Befehl!||


  • Live Free or Diet||

    Isn't Intern Clinton's favorite brand of humidor?

  • Snark Plissken||

    He quit smoking, saying, "Cigars are for pussies."

  • Spoonman.||

    Having been to a similar, but not to my knowledge affiliated, event when getting ready for the child we had in November, it's my observation that these events are hugely helpful to new parents, ESPECIALLY the poor.

  • pan fried wylie||

    Obama doesn't care about poor people.


  • anon||

    Obama doesn't care about poor people.


  • Scarecrow Repair||

    All proggies care about poor people, because without the poor, they'd have no examples and excuses for why government should expand.

  • anon||

    None have done so, but Riner contends the threat of lawsuits has harmed her business.

    Delusions of grandeur. There isn't a single federal judge out there that'll open every government agency in the US to getting sued for threatening to harm business.

  • pan fried wylie||

    Right? Like, if it was that simple, Libertopia would've been achieved decades ago.

  • anon||

    Can't even get a cop fired for forcing ass surgery on someone at random because he "looked like he was hiding something."

    I have no more hope.

  • SugarFree||

    "Damn, girl... Your ass is so furtive tonight...."

  • Rich||

    In exchange for their work, volunteers are given an opportunity to shop early at the sales, snagging the best used toys, clothes, and baby gear for themselves.

    I wonder how the IRS handles *that* bartering.

  • Austrian Anarchy||

    Didn't a bunch of snotty chatroom volunteers for AOL start all this nonsense rolling, or was that different? AOL gave free service to people to open and run chatrooms, then some sued for wages too, IIRC.


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