Iowa GOP Warns Residents About Traffic Safety Checkpoints in Des Moines Area Tonight, Want Audio/Video Sent to Party

checkpoint charlie didn't crack a smileZane Paul Photos/Foter.comThe Iowa Republican Party, led by a former member of the Ron Paul campaign team in the state, is warning “constitutional activists” in the Des Moines area about “traffic safety checkpoints” scheduled there for tonight. The party posted on its website:

Central Iowa police are planning “traffic safety checkpoints” in Polk county on Friday night. The Iowa GOP strongly urges you NOT to give in to any illegal searches of your car. Only comply by providing your license, registration and insurance if requested.

The Iowa GOP also reminds you that recording police officers, both with audio and video is completely LEGAL and has been upheld numerous times by numerous courts. Be sure to have an objective “witness” by recording your conversations with police.

The post also asks anyone who's taken video or audio of their encounter with police to send it to the party. The Des Moines Register notes Terry Branstad, the state’s Republican governor, has had multiple speeding incidents, including one that ended in the law enforcement official who called in his speeding SUV being fired. Branstad claimed he wouldn’t tolerate his drivers speeding, but has been following schedules that make it impossible to keep without speeding. The establishment Branstad and the Ron Paulite GOP state chairman, A.J. Spiker, have been involved in an apparent bitter war over control and direction of the party since last year's presidential primary season.

Checkpoints are just one of the ways the Fourth Amendment's been eroded over the decades.

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  • sarcasmic||

    Resistance is FATAL.

  • Voros McCracken||

    I find this kind of awesome.

  • entropy||

    Yeah. I'm also slightly amazed. Definitely not your daddy's GOP there.

  • kinnath||

    Ron Paul's people took over the state level organization in 2012.

    I'm glad I had even a small helping hand in that ;-)

  • Cytotoxic||

    Where does Branstad stand in this? Just a rump resistance? A speedbump in our road to glory?

  • kinnath||

    The guerrilla warfare in Iowa is currently focused on the open Senate seat up grabs in 2014 (Harkin is finally on the way out.

    The establishment seems to think that the Paulites are trying to rig the system to ensure a Paulite gets nominated by the republican party for the Senate seat (and I hope they are).

    The establishment is also terrified that the Paulites will fuck up the caucuses for the 2016 presidential election.

    So it appears that there will be a massive food fight at the 2014 convention as the establishment attempts to unseat the Paulites at the head of the Iowa Republican Party.

    As for Branstad, he was a decent governor when he was in office the first time around (1983 to 1999 -- he was popular). Since taking office this time, he has made a valiant effort to undo the damage caused by Culver (2007-2011).

    So it is actually quite depressing to see Brandstad fighting with the state party leadership.

  • Cytotoxic||

    It's not depressing if you view it as an improvement from douche vs turd sandwich to good vs radically better. Best of luck.

  • kinnath||

    It's depressing because Brandstad is actually a very effective leader and politician.

    Having him on the other side of the battle is bad because he's not helping, and he's actively hurting the agenda I care about.

  • ||

    Also, do NOT drive with your dog in the car with you.

  • Finrod||

    Indeed. Important safety tip.

  • pan fried wylie||

    Branstad claimed he wouldn’t tolerate his drivers speeding

    Typical republican intolerance. He probably holds his driver's family hostage to make him drive faster.

    Seriously though.....won't tolerate it? That's the best he can do?

    It's YOUR FUCKING EMPLOYEE, anything he does is because you told him to do it, or else you're just a terrible fucking boss. What a sack of shit.

    The Iowa GOP should offer him a job in exchange for ratting on his boss in front of a camera.

  • pan fried wylie||

    *should offer the driver a job. damn ambiguous pronouns.

  • Brett L||

    Yeah, so... Make more realistic schedules is apparently not an option?

  • BakedPenguin||

    Do you know when the good looking strippers go on stage in Iowa? Seriously, Brett. Get real.

  • Brett L||

    Never? Well, I mean, Ames must have some being a college town in the US.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    The establishment Branstad and the Ron Paulite GOP state chairman, A.J. Spiker, have been involved in an apparent bitter war over control and direction of the party...

    So Branstad is ordering law enforcement to come down hard on resisters?

  • Swiss Servator, Kneel to Zug!||


  • The Late P Brooks||

    Branstad claimed he wouldn’t tolerate his drivers speeding

    "Jesus, would you speed up, Grandma? I'm never going to get there on time at this rate."

  • thorax232||

    Cops use to fear and intimidation to make you obey and put the camera away. They know its allowed, don't back down and don't act like a child doing what mommy says.


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