CNBC's Rick Santelli Rants: Congress Better "Listen Up" to Reason-Rupe Poll Numbers on Debt, Spending

CNBC's Rick Santelli - the guy whose comments are widely recognized as having inspired the Tea Party movement to action - highlights results from the new Reason-Rupe Poll. The poll, which surveyed a national sample of adults, found that 70 percent of people are against raising the debt ceiling (and 55 percent are, even if that means a default on U.S. credit obligations).

"When I look at the Reason-Rupe poll, here's what I see," says Santelli. "Congress you really ought to listen up. Those Tea Party conservatives, listen up."

Read the poll results here.

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  • Winston||

    Should they listen up on the "Two-Thirds want compromise rather than good legislation" results?

  • ||

    Rick, Rick, Rick...

    The rant that launched a thousand ships...take 2?

    I love him.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Well, what do you know. Santelli is white. Who would have guessed?

    Actually, come to think of it, reason is pretty white, too. I'm guessing Rupe, whatever that is, is as well.

  • Brendon Carr||

    I see where you're going with this. America should be the kind of country where if you belong to a disfavored racial group, your vote and opinion shouldn't count. Righteous!

  • plusafdotcom||

    Debt Limit is still = Bread and Circuses... it's been raised EVERY time it's been approached for such a long time and so MANY times as to make the entire discussion or debate of it incredibly stupid.

    But Rick, that WAS a fun rant. Thanks!

  • Super Hans||

    Happy Christmas, motherfucker.


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