Watch Stossel Tonight TONIGHT (MARCH 28!), With Bjorn Lomborg and Matt Ridley Talking Green Tyranny

UPDATE: This was posted a day early! Apologies to all!

Tonight's Stossel on Fox Business channel is dedicated to discussing "Green Tyranny" - the idea that many environmental regulations are either counterproductive or overly restrictive.

Among the guests are a couple of folks we discuss quite a bit at Bjorn Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist and Cool It!, and Matt Ridley, author of The Red Queen and The Rational Optimist.  

Stossel airs at 9pm ET on Thursdays. For more info, go here.

And read John Stossel's weekly columns at

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  • StinkEye||

    Front row?


  • Professional Target||

    I bounced the whole"the Earth is getting greener" thing off a professor friend last night. He gave the "monocropping" and "nitrogen fertilizer" answers. I responded that those answers weren't working out, and gave details. He actually became depressed.

  • Jesus H. Christ||

    Yeah, it's not all going to hell after all. I'm going to cry.

  • Professional Target||

    What, the feeling of having a mission is bigger than accomplishing the goal?


    Jesus H. Christ| 3.27.13 @ 5:50PM |#

    Yeah, it's not all going to hell after all. I'm going to cry.

    Aw. Jesus has a sad.

    So, OK, you *didn't actually die for our sins*... but hey! It made for a great book! Mel Gibson made a movie! Buck up, camper!

  • EDG reppin' LBC||

    Bjorn Lomborg is on Stossel tonight? God, I remember him in the 1970's. He was such a great tennis player, especially at Wimbledon; he dominated! All that hair. Those crazy '70's headbands? I love that shit.

  • Drake||

    I was thinking the same thing. Did he talk about kicking McEnroe's ass all those times?

  • silent v||

    Tonight's Stossel

    Stossel airs at 9pm ET on Thursdays

    Calendar fail.

  • ||

    Fuck you. No, just fuck you. I'm sitting here waiting for it to come on and you gotta point this out.


  • The Minority||

    The Rational Optimist


  • SumpTump||

    Sounds like some crazy smack to me dude. Wow.

  • some guy||

    Anyone else read that as "Green Tranny"? I immediately thought it was going to be about that one Star Trek episode where Kirk... never mind.


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