Stimulus Funds Used to Pay Colorado's $100 Million Internet Bill

Everybody wants faster Internet service. But would you pay $100,635,190 for it? Too late, you already did!

That's the amount of stimulus money being spent to run fiber optic lines to government buildings in rural areas in Colorado—frequently in towns that already have some kind of comparable service. 

EagleNet, the stimulus-fueled operation, says it's providing faster, cheaper service to schools and government offices, but this Denver TV station investigation found fat executive salaries and perks, under-qualified managers, and other kinds of corporate mismanagement.

(Be sure to enjoy the sinister reporter voice saying "LOL" at the 20 second mark.)

But let's take another step back: Did you notice the Skype interview with a guy in one of the supposed strapped, underserved towns? That's an interview that required live streaming video over the Internet. Not exactly a great way to illustrate dire need. Don't get me wrong, stutterly Skype is The. Worst. But it may not be cause intervention to the tune of millions in federal tax dollars.

Via the Washington Free Beacon.

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  • Death Rock and Skull||

    Fuck subsidized communications franchise monopolies. This already happened with microwave and coaxial systems, and now there is thousands of miles of dead coaxial cable in the ground, and already thousands of miles of dead or never used fiber.

  • Juice||

    but jobs

  • Doctor Whom||

    Plus Internet access for schools. Why do you hate knowledge so much?

  • Gladstone||

    You need to get everyone the internet first before you can censor it and claim that it is a public health risk.

  • waaminn||

    So, who comes up with all that crazy stuff? Wow.


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