Glenn Reynolds, Michelle Fields Talk Higher-Education Bubble on Next Generation TV

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit talks higher education bubble with Michelle Fields of Next Generation.

It's a sharp and concise explanation of why college costs have pumped up over the past several decades - and why the smartest students are increasingly turning a gimlet eye toward advanced degrees.

Click on image to watch. To watch/learn more about Next Generaton TV, an offering of Pajamas Media, go here.

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  • waaminn||

    That dude jsut looks about corrupt as the day is long lol.

  • Caleb Turberville||

    Man, I could they not just keep a similar background for Michelle Fields? In fact, it's a basically an echo chamber dialogue without any pretense of being an actual interview, so why have Michelle in the first place?

  • sarcasmic||

    Because she's nice to look at.

  • mr simple||

    Why don't they have Michelle is what you should be asking every other time.

  • Jack||

    Kids aren't borrowing huge amounts of money and going to college because they're stupid. They're doing it because employers who pay more than minimum wage are requiring college degrees (whether the job warrants it or not) and with the volume of applicants they get they can afford to filter out any resume that doesn't include college. It's employers who have the power to make the change here.


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