Reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey Talks DNA Testing Without Warrants on HuffPost Live

Reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey appeared on HuffPost Live to talk about the Supreme Court's recent decision to hear a case dealing with the Fourth Amendment implications of taking a DNA sample from an arrestee prior to conviction. Is it just like fingerprints or a violation of civil liberty guarantees of privacy?

Here's the link to the segment, where Bailey favored privacy over prosecution in a debate with other participants including Brian Neman, CEO of the biotech company Sanguine BioSciences, Karen Morrison, former prosecutor and law professor at Georgia State University, and Evan Michael Hess, professor of law at the Southern California Institute of Law.

For background, see Bailey's columns, "Fight Crime with a Universal DNA Database?," "DNA Nation," and "Sample Test."

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  • DJF||

    Since they already allow fingerprinting, I don't think they will ban DNA identification.

    The most we can hope for is some major restrictions on the use and storage of such DNA evidence. And that will be something that has too be constantly monitored because the government loves to expand its powers when nobody is looking.

  • Ron Bailey||

    DJF: This↑

  • attractions guide||

    This seems good, where i can find it?


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