Israel's Military Takes to Social Media During Attack on Gaza, Sparks Spat on Twitter

Israel has killed the Hamas military chief Ahmed al-Jaabari in an airstrike. The strike comes after days of rocket fire coming from Gaza. Since the assassination both sides have escalated their operations, Israeli reservists are reportedly on standby. Although violence is nothing new to the region, today’s events have highlighted the use of social media in modern warfare.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have released a Youtube video of al-Jaabari’s assassination on their channel:  

The IDF has also has also been using its Twitter account to offer updates and advice to their enemy. Earlier today the feed confirmed that the Israeli Navy has been bombarding “terror sites” in Gaza:

The same account was also used to issue warnings to Hamas:

Unsurprisingly, this has promoted some strong responses:

Since the beginning of the day Egypt has recalled its ambassador to Israel. What is developing now in Gaza may well be the the first serious test of Israel's relationship with Morsi's government. The Guardian is running a good feed on the events in Gaza and international responses. 

The President, whose relationship with Israel was criticized by Republicans during the campaign, has been briefed by the Israeli president, Shimon Peres

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  • LTC(ret) John||

    I'll give the IDF a 9/10 so far. Hamas needs to go get a few English lessons ("You Opened Hell Gate on Yourselves"...?)

  • Raston Bot||

    i closed a gate on my hand and forever decreed it hell gate once. once.

    /danny vermin

  • $park¥||

    Sucks to be on the wrong side of a holy war.

  • ||

    I actually think this is kind of funny.

    "You better hide b/c we're gonna beat you up!"

    "Nuh-uh! We're gonna beat YOU up!"

    "You're a towel!"

  • Almanian.||

    Yeah, it's all fun and games until someone loses a limb.


  • SFC B||

    Wait. A sovereign nation takes the time to give the POTUS a head's up about something which might affect American interests, but the FBI can't be bothered to tell anyone in the White House when the director of the CIA is being investigated for a possible security leak?

  • Bardas Phocas||

    Jews are more efficient.
    ... except when they're not. See my ex-in laws.

  • Almanian.||

    You know who else is known for being "efficient"...

  • ||

    Jews are more efficient.

    Mossad is always made out to be badass...

    If they are so badass then why are they still fighting the same fucking war they have been fighting since the 1960s?

  • ant1sthenes||

    Why is Batman still fighting the Joker?

  • Tim||

    Was Hamas sexting the DCI?

  • R C Dean||

    The President, whose relationship with Israel was criticized by Republicans during the campaign, has been briefed by the Israeli president, Shimon Peres.

    "Mr. President, we're bombing your homies in Gaza. Thought you should know. Oh, yeah, you might want to tell your "reform-minded" friend in Syria that we'll bomb him, too, if he can't keep his fucking mortars off of our troops on the Heights. Shalom."

  • RyanXXX||

    I would be surprised if Israel wants the rebels to win in Syria. They would like to see Iran lose an ally, but Sunni fundamentalists in power in Damascus would not be a good day for the Jews

  • Translucent Chum||

    Is the #blowedup trending yet?

  • Almanian.||

    I prefer the more colorful #BloedUpRealGood

  • Almanian.||

    PS Seriously? This is pretty fucked up.

    Which is why I almost feel guilty for thinking it's pretty goddamned funny, as gojira noted above.


  • ||

    It just makes me hate twitter all the more.

  • MJGreen||

    So the Israeli military advised its enemies to stay under cover? In that case, who are their missiles and tanks going to blow up?

    "Hey, Japanese military, you may want to stay out of Hiroshima tomorrow! Teehee!"

  • R C Dean||

    In that case, who are their missiles and tanks going to blow up?

    Who do you got? #BloedUpRealGood

  • UnionBuiltOhioRoads||

    Saw this youtube comment

    "What gets me is that a lot of you keep using this concept of "Palestinian Land". What is that? Since when does it exist? All of the so called "Palestinian Land" was really Jordanian, Syrian, and Egyptian land before the Israelis legally acquired it in War during the middle 20th century, and then graciously gave it to the Palestinians for a place to peacefully coexist with Israel. Without, who do you think would be paying for their public works and medical care? Another FACT people often forget."



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