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Chinese officials have apologized to Feng Jianmei for forcing her to abort her child seven months into her pregnancy because she was violating the nation's "one child" policy. The apology came only after images of Feng lying next to the corpse of the child were posted online.

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  • Whiterun Guard||

    The only surprising part is the apology.

  • Pound. Head. On. Desk.||

    The only surprising part is the apology.

    Betcha a whole quarter if you read it in Mandarin they're apologizing for letting it make it onto the internet!

  • Doctor Whom||

    How do you say, "We're sorry you feel that way?" in Mandarin?

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Rights groups have blamed authorities in north China's Shaanxi province for forcing Feng Jianmei, 27, to abort on June 2 because she failed to pay a hefty fine for exceeding China's strict "one-child" population control policy.

    Forget it, rights groups. It's China.

  • SugarFree||

    It's tax, not a fine.

  • Pound. Head. On. Desk.||

    In China, the woman's body belongs to the state.

    Hello MaoCare!

  • Caleb Turberville||

    I'd sacrifice personally just to allow expecting Chinese mothers to emigrate to the United States. Wow, this is horrifying.

  • Caleb Turberville||

    Notice how the Chinese officials quotes in the story are quoted as saying that this upsets "population control efforts." Exactly, how is this not what the "one-child" policy intended in the first place?

  • Jordan||

    Anything is justified in the name of bringing down healthcare costs. /progressive

  • Ken Shultz||

    You forgot to mention the fight against global warming.

  • Doctor Whom||

    I've heard progs actually hold up China's one-child policy as worthy of emulation. They're pro-choice and all, but ....

  • Juice||

    They apologized? China is becoming more like Canada every day.


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