Attn. New York City Reasonoids! TONIGHT!! Come See Ron Paul's rEVOLution Author Brian Doherty at a 8 p.m. May 17 Event

I'll be talking about my just-released book Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired in New York City, Willamsburg sector in Brooklyn, in an interesting setting. Details from the blog of my host Todd Seavey:  

Thursday, May 17 (at 8pm), the Dionysium (sister series to the popular events by that name held in Austin, TX) begins with main speaker Brian Doherty, talking to me (your Dionysium host and moderator) about his new book Ron Paul’s Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired. 

It happens at 2 Havemeyer St. (three blocks east of Bedford Ave., the easily-reached first subway stop into Williamsburg on the L), on the second floor, directly above the space soon to house the bar Muchmore’s.  Enter through the side door on N. 9th St.

Though my libertarian views and Brian’s are well known, the Dionysium is a non-partisan crucible of skeptical analysis and varied entertainments – and Brian has a sense of humor – so join us even if you are merely bemused by the one remaining non-Romney candidate for the Republican nomination and want to know whence he came. 

I've enjoyed past NYC events hosted by Todd, and lots of amusing rowdiness is likely. If you can make it, please do. See the typically complicated big-city instructions above: although it is on Havemeyer St., you enter on the side door on N. 9th St. What do I know, I live in Los Angeles.

My most recent video on Ron Paul's youth appeal:

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Wait a minute, is that backwards "love" thing from the campaign or a Doherty invention? I never noticed when and where I started seeing it.

  • Hyperion||

    I am pretty sure that I saw it on a bumper sticker a couple of years ago, not sure where exactly it came from.

  • Brian Doherty||

    It was invented by grassroots activist Ernest Hancock, used by the grassroots regularly since early 2007. Not an official campaign thing, certainly not my invention. My book tells the tale.

  • ||

    You wrote a book? I hadn't heard. :-)

  • Hyperion||

    Ron Paul really is, IMHO, the father of the modern Libertarian movement. He has the ball rolling, and I hope it keeps gaining momentum. I think that it will. I hope that I live to see real liberty as a major force in American politicis again. If not, we will become a fully militarized welfare/police state with no meaningful civil rights, I am sure of that.

  • Terrance||

    so join us even if you are merely bemused by non-Romney candidate for the Republican nomination and want to know whence he came.

  • Hyperion||

    It isn't that I mind spammers so much, but really, your stuff sucks balls, you fucktard. Get lost.

  • 1955||

    Do you need tickets? Or is it 1st come? Lastly, will there be drinks for sale?

  • Brian Doherty||

    No tickets, just show up. I am told alcohol will be available.

  • Brandon||

    Do you get a cut?

  • Brian Doherty||

    of the alcohol? I get one sip out of everyone's beer.

  • ODIrony||

    True delegate count 12 May 2012: Romney - 312; Gingrich - 24; Paul - 110; Santorum - 144; caucus or primary held but delegate selection yet to be decided - 750; caucus or primary not yet held - 638. Delegates are not allocated until the state parties' conventions. By Party Rule 38 no delegates are bound, despite state rules (confirmed by case of delegate at the 2008 R NConvention by RNC lawyer). By Party Rule 11, Romney is ineligible to be nominated since Mr Priebus publically supported him.

  • Brandon||

    We know that. The people in charge of the RNC are ignoring it, because it's Mitt's turn.

  • MJGreen||

    Can't. Three episodes of Community tonight. Todd!!!

  • CougarFlirts_Com||

    No man or woman is worth your tears..CougarFlirts..c''om where I met my true love and i will marry with him next week,he is very gentle,Haha!!
    you may find your perfect partners..

  • Coach Outlet123||


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