How City Hall is F*cking "Record Store Day"!

April 21, 2012 marks the fifth annual Record Store Day, a nation-wide project to promote struggling brick-and-mortar music shops. Across the country, independent stores offer exclusive, one-of-a-kind recordings as a way to bring customers through the door.

"It is the busiest day of the year," says Matt Moffatt, co-owner of Washington, D.C.'s Smash Records, a shop that sells new and used CDs and vinyl LPs, along with clothing, posters, t-shirts, vintage clothing, and more.

But now the powers that be in the nation's capital have decided that record stores must get second-hand dealer business licenses, which cost a lot of money and have onerous reporting requirements. Store owners such as Moffatt would have to report every new piece they put up for sale to the police, allow the cops to verify it's not stolen, and get information about all customers who buy used goods. Failure to comply would mean incurring massive fines of thousands of dollars a days. (Read more here and here).

"Basically," says Moffatt, "they want us to get a pawn shop license."

Local business groups such as the Adams Morgan Partnership are pushing back but the future of stores such as Smash Records is far from clear. "It just seems so heavy-handed, it could easily destroy businesses like mine," says Moffatt.

About 3.45 minutes. Produced by Meredith Bragg and hosted by Kennedy; co-written by Nick Gillespie.

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  • AlmightyJB||

    You posted this yesterday. No one really cared.

  • l0b0t||

    Yeah, you right! I just can't seem to find any sympathy for these carriage builders buggy-whip manufacturers whale-oil refiners middle-men who distribute physical copies decrying the lack of artificial scarcity the digital era has brought about. Technology has rendered your business model obsolete; move on.

  • AlmightyJB||

    Matt Moffatt aka Benjamin Raspail

  • Brutus||

    And what they're doing for DC they'll do for the whole country.

  • fried wylie||

    really, everything is secondhand merchandise, so, hey, Why Not?

  • fried wylie||

    (also, "Fuck You, That's Why.")

  • Formerly Almanian||

    By posting this again, you're pretty much forcing me to type



  • Suki||

    This story is like a broken record.

  • Father Jack||

    Feck the cops. Drink! Arse! Girls!

  • Ed Zeppelin||

    Obviously Smash Records needs to bribe the appropriate DC official, at which time all this 'license' nonsense goes away.

  • Mango Punch||

    First Kennedy video I liked... Well done miss.


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