Tim Cavanaugh Talks Secret Service Hookers With Jerry Doyle: 3:30 p.m Eastern (12:30 Pacific)

Reason.com Managing Editor Tim Cavanaugh will discuss the Secret Service's ho-happy ways today on the Jerry Doyle radio show at 12:30 PM Pacific Time (3:30 PM Eastern).

Possible topics: Are shady Colombians trying to blackmail the President's men

Were these just 11 bad apples, or does the scandal show the whole organization is screwed up

Did Rush steal my joke? (And if so, should I get working on new Sandra Fluke put-downs?)

Why does "wheels-down party" sound like the kind of service Scotty Bowers would have provided for Clark Gable? 

Just how "rigorous" will this investigation be? 

When Time says we need to focus on the real issues at the Summit of the Americas, do you say, "BO-ring"? 

As always, agents, hookers, full-service bellhops, Grid Epsilon Irregulars, blackmailers, sex fiends and others are urged to join in. 

Time: 1:30 PM Pacific Time today (4:30 PM Eastern).

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  • Tim||

    Under the bus boys.

  • ||

    (And if so, should I get working on new Sandra Fluke put-downs?)

    Post haste, Timmy C. You can never, never have too many of these...they just write themselves.

    A veritable well that never runs dry, a stream of unconsciousness that never ceases, a wave of entitlement that crashes against the breakers.

    And that's just (appropriately named) Fluke, herself...now, on to the jokes!

  • Tim||

    Has Bill Clinton offered to fly down there to investigate this yet?

  • Dr. Frankenstein||

    Mr. Garibaldi would never have made a big deal out of what the diplomats did on their off hours. Not sure about the security team though. Would depend on the situation


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