Puerto Rico's Infrastructure Reniassance - David Alvarez on Public-Private Investment

"People were thinking that we were just selling the schools," head of Puerto Rico's public-private partnership program David Álvarez admits, "we explained that the private sector was just building and doing infrastructure."

"You've even run TV commercials," Reason's director of government reform Leonard Gilroy responds, "how many of you have seen TV commercials in your jurisdiction on some new innovative government program?"

Through Puerto Rico's Public-Private Partnerships Authority and public communication, Álvarez works to modernize government programs and public infrastructure through the private sector investment. Álvarez spoke at Reason Weekend 2012, Reason Foundation's annual donor event, which took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Under Luis Fortuño governorship, the PPPA has revitalized pubic schools, re-managed waste treatment facilities and toll roads, and continues to push to reform government's oversight of the Luis Muñoz Marin International airport and juvenile correction centers.

Álvarez takes Q&A from the audience 30 minutes in.

About 43 minutes.

Filmed by Joshua Swain and Anthony Fisher. Edited by Swain.

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  • plu1959||

    Puerto Rico's Infrastructure Reniassance

    How entertianing!

  • ||

    Government employees are the only ones capable of building bridges, roads, public toilets, and fire escapes. NPR told me so.

  • Death Rock and Skull||

    Sound's like a scam.

  • affenkopf||

    Public-private partnerships often manage to combine the worst of both worlds. Also see: Private prisons.

  • johnl||

    Commercials for government programs are a good thing?


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