Listen to the Complete Audio Recording of This Morning's Supreme Court Health Care Argument

The audio recording and transcript of this morning's Supreme Court health care argument are now up. This morning's arguments covered the anti-injunction act and the question of standing—basically the question of whether the states even have the right to pursue a challenge to the mandate at this time. The takeaway? All reports indicate that the Court seemed unlikely to defer judgment. Most likely, then, by sometime this summer we’ll know one way or another whether the Court thinks the law is constitutional.

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  • SCOTUS||

    by sometime this ummer we’ll know one way or another whether the Court thinks the law is constitutional.

    Um, er ....

  • ||

    Is anyone from Reason (or other libertarian entity) live-blogging the oral arguments? As with the Republican debates, I'd much prefer to follow the oft-snarky commentary than subject myself to the actual chatter.

  • ||

    I think there's no live-blogging, tweetering, or any of that other new-fangled stuff allowed during oral arguments.

  • Auric Demonocles||

    I find that it usually considered poor form to use social media during oral.

  • MST3K||

    You'll just have to wait for US!

  • shrike||



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