Remy: Cough Drops-The Mandate (featuring Sandra Fluke)

Remy crashes Sandra Fluke's Congressional testimony to demand a mandate for his cough drop addiction.

"Remy: Cough Drops-The Mandate" is one of a series of collaborations between Remy and To watch Remy's other videos, go to

Approximately 1:50 minutes. Lyrics by Remy. Video shot and produced by Meredith Bragg.

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Download the mp3 and HD versions at and subscribe to's YouTube channel.

Yeah and listen up peeps, you better check the deal
We got another mandate we gone straight reveal
And if you don't listen up, we be walking out
Yeah you know cough drops what we talking about

Take a look at this graph, you gonna holler with fear
Cough drops costing me a hundred dollars a year
I'm talking Halls, Ludens, to keep me alive
It's like a dog-fighting ring, I need Vicks to survive

It's preventative medicine, suppressing my cough? Word.
I need a vote from each of you--oh, that's kind of awkward
Cough drops are so tasty--how is it allowed?
Yeah, this guy knows what I'm talking about.

Cherry, honey lemon, or the mentho-lyptus
Directly to my house's where I suggest you ship this
They come in all kinds of colors and flavors galore
Even sheep sk--wait, I think this one's yours

I appreciate the testimony, very profound
We need to verify this policy is morally sound
And there's one reasonable way to see if it should be allowed
And it's to probe you internally, can somebody get me a towel?

My apologies for the gentleman across the aisle
He doesn't understand mandates, he hasn't been here a while
I see no reason we shouldn't pass your request
Just let me double check, yep, it passes our test

This is not about "men's health," this is not a prescription
Mandate Men's Health, 12 month subscription
Your party has no respect for individual rights
Now come on up here, I'd like to check your insides

Well I guess it's safe to say this has kind of devolved
Maybe it's not the best idea to have these people involved
So I think I'm gonna bounce, put this one on the shelf
Hit up the drug store--get some cough drops myself.

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  • Joe M||

    It's like a dog-fighting ring, I need Vicks to survive

    Okay, that was pretty good.

  • Silver Fox||

    Even sheep sk--wait, I think this one's yours

    This one made me laugh.

  • elian||

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  • ||


    Best Remy vid yet.

  • Jeffersonian||

    Ditto. Great work.

  • ||

    Have the Songify people had their way with Fluke yet?

  • Paul||

    As much as I love the songify people, I'm thinking that this subject wouldn't interest them. They'd more likely do a songify of Rush Limbaugh's response.

  • ||

    OK, they would be awesome, too.

  • pervert||

    Fluke looks kinda like early 90s pornstar Heather Hart:

    Heather Hart

    Sandra Fluke

    Or so I've heard anyway, not that I would personally know...

  • Joe M||

    And fuck Rush for idiotically distracting us from the actual issue at hand, which is the ridiculousness of insisting insurance pays for your birth control.

  • Paul||

    Fuck us for allowing him to distract us...

  • Joe M||

    The lefties were overjoyed.

  • Lefties||

    We get all tingly inside thinking about sticking it to the right.

  • ||

    I thought you got a shiver up your collective legs.

  • special ed teacher||

    The whole point of the testimony was to attack whoever attacked the testimony dumbass, it was like the perp walk they did thru the tea party crowd to pass the O care legislation, then accused the crowd of spitting and racial epithets, its theatre to build a narrative to attack your opponents, duh.

  • ||

    That was hysterical.

  • ||

    It's humorous how Mz Fluke had the 'vocal fry' in full effect during her testifakery to make her sob stories sound more important. But when she got her dozens of sypathetic mediatainment interviews, her voice is lacking this affect and much more feminine. Hence, playing up the angle of 'look at how those meanies have oppressed a ... girl!"

  • Silver Fox||

    Hence, playing up the angle of 'look at how those meanies have oppressed a ... girl!"

    Must be nice having all those people white knight for her.

  • Jeffersonian||

    Now get her a fainting couch, she's with the vapors.

  • Jeffersonian||

  • ||

    The 2nd side of that Vapors album is a favorite of mine.

  • Silver Fox||

    Will there be a call for insurance providers to supply people with smelling salts next?

  • ||

    I am women, hear me roar, Unless you call me a bad name and hurt my fweelings. Bad, Bad meany man, (who by the say I need like a fish needs a bicycle) needs to go out of business for hurting my fweelings.

  • Federal Dog||

    "It's humorous how Mz Fluke had the 'vocal fry' in full effect during her testifakery to make her sob stories sound more important."

    All free-riders whine in full-effect "vocal fry" mode.

  • ||

    Insurance is for unexpected things. You buy it IN CASE you need something, not when you KNOW you will definitely need something.

  • veemee sashimi||

    "Insurance is for unexpected things."

    That pretty much defines birth control in my case...

    {sobs uncontrollably}

  • goober1223||

    Right. Insurance is for mitigating a risk. Some people can just accept risk with no mitigation or pay a lot up front for very little risk. To say that everybody must do one or the other is stupid. And a lot of financial "experts" say that you must have every type of insurance. By and large, that is true for your readers. But there will be people who would have been better off analyzing their own personal situation and mitigating the risks based on that.

  • ||

    Oh great - a really dumb song. That *always* works.

  • Kevin||

    23 going on 30 or is it 30 going on 23 years of age?

  • Dan||

    I love this!!!

  • ||

    Nothing will ever top the "Arlington" video, but this is spot on.

  • ||

    Following this young man's stream of videos... I do not hesitate in calling him brilliant...

  • ||

    Well OK man that looks like a lot of fun, why heck yeah!

  • SPLC||

    Please spell your name for us.

  • *||

    They see me probin', they hatin'

  • BoscoH||

    Like a dog fighting ring, I need Vicks to survive.

    I'm going to hell for laughing at that. Thanks Remy.

  • ||

    This is just plain excellent.

  • Roger Zimmerman||

    That guy is extremely talented.

  • CatoTheElder||

    If Sandra can get her contraceptives compliments of Uncle Sam, certainly Wayne should be able to get his medical marijuana paid for as well. Party on, Garth!

  • Jack||

    Cute, but highlights the fact that women in the US can't just walk into a store and get birth control pills the way Remy could get cough drops.

  • ||



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