Romney Takes Nevada, Ron Paul and Gingrich Battling for Second Place

From CBS News, updated around 10.25 pm ET:

With the doors closed at caucus precincts across Nevada, CBS News projects that Mitt Romney has won the Nevada Republican caucuses by a sizable margin, giving him his third victory in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

With 148 of 1,835 precincts reporting, Romney has 41 percent of the vote. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, with 25 percent, and Rep. Ron Paul, with 22 percent, are battling for second place. Former Sen. Rick Santorum has 13 percent of the vote.

More here.

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  • jester||

    So it's over. Well enough.

  • jester||

    Answering myself a coupla hrs later. Yes, it's done. If Paul can't score more than a few pts over Santorum, sorry, I am sick. That is truly sickening. That Gingrich actually beats him means that the Republican Party is DONE with its libertarian angle (ok, sorry, there never really was one).

    Fuck, Rev. Wright is here to roost with the blessing of the Republican Party. Somehow, I always smelled it that way.

    Fuck off Wright. and fuck off Republicans. You're all rent-seeking ho's.

  • Dan McCall||

    Only 14% reporting. Granted , Clark is basically Nevada, but a Paul 2nd place there is hunky dory.

  • jester||

    Good luck with that- Paul behind and vying for 2nd place. The people keep saying: give us War and Entitlements. That is our future for the next 4 yrs at least.

    To me this is depressing. Like I predicted, I'll vote for the preferable Gary Johnson. More depressing, he'll probably get 2% of the vote. Sucks to be me (& you).

  • ryan||

    The peoples just need 4 years to think about this Paul guy's ideas, THEN it's liberty all the way!!!

  • jester||

    I didn't say that, but your nay-saying pretty much echoes mine.

    But it isn't so much doom. DOOM. It's jesus FUCKING h. christ peeps, there is a better way...and meanwhile, you are affecting me and a ton of lesser employed people who are individuals. Fuck your collectivist, you-belong-to-this-group bullshit. I'll decide if or whether I belong.

    jes' sayin'

  • JD||

    Agreed. It means we haven't hit rock bottom yet.

    The media discusses what would happen if Ron Paul went third party. But he doesn't even need to do that to affect the election. Many (most?) of Paul's supporters like me will not vote for Romney but will switch over/go back to the Libertarian Party. I haven't heard this mentioned at all.

  • jester||

    I tell my douchebag Republican friends this: Vote for Ron Paul because he won't split the vote (otherwise he's going 3d party as you accuse him not me); otherwise vote to the Left of Obama (Romney); or vote for unhinged who-the-fuck-knows Gingrich who will surely ensure Obama victory.

    That is exhibit A of the cognitive dissonance going on. They won't vote for Paul.

  • Foxzezsheizsnotzeriouzz||

    u azkzz uzz 2 truztzz orwwr onn juggmunt and u azkzz uv uzx 22 mutchhh.

  • SIV||

    he'll probably get 2% of the vote

    That would be twice the best showing of an LP POTUS candidate ever. Less than 1%, if he can even score the nomination.

  • jester||

    Are you a 2%er? That's better than a 1%er really. I'm not arguing that-wise.

  • Thank God, I'm a Criminal||

    Who doesn't actually pay much into this pig fucker of a society or I'd feel as chained in as most of you.

  • Thank God, I'm a Criminal||

    In the unlikely case you're wondering, drug dealer.

  • ||

    Ok Santorum, time to ooze back to the anus you came from.

  • jester||

    Time to pour it on, Santorum, you true Conservative socially-Conservative stud!

    Honestly, sage, if Nevada cannot put Paul in second, much less third, we're done. Fuck the Republican Party forever.

    Jes sayin'

  • Nipplemancer||

    After this one Ricky Cumfart really should just give up.

  • Uncle Pfizer||

    Cute to see the kids table perform, tho.

  • Angus M||

    If the Patriots win, give Romney 1000 delegates.
    If the Giants win, give Paul 1000.

  • Jumbie||

    There are five people who could possibly be the President of the USA this time next year:

    Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum

    ...or Paul

    Paul seems to be least likely to get it. Look at the first 4 names again.

    Sorry if I made U vomit.

  • Roseanne Barr||

    Hey you forgot someone!

  • ||

    That was on purpose, Roseanne.

  • Jumbie||


  • .||

    Welcome to the global plantation.

  • You forgot,||

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Take it to the bank, that fleet is going down. Truthfully, we've done worse.

  • Thank God, I'm a Criminal||

    Seriously, what was the last war we out right won. Libya? Really? Cause I thought al-Qaeda were our enemies and you can't even wipe the smiles off their faces when they are celebrating in the streets down there. The first Gulf War? Shit it looked good, got to admit that. But not so good, that it didn't stop us from going in a decade later. Bush's Folly? You could make the argument, but if that is what victory feels like, fuck me in the ass right now cause I could use a reminder.

    We think we are superior beings at making war, but we suck at it big time. Yet, we keep going back out there like we are all hot shit on a Ritz cracker. No, as a nation we couldn't fucking be satisfied that we were the most successful businessmen that ever spawned from Cain. Oh, but no, that wasn't good enough or ambitious enough for manifest destiNation. Fucking fools on the world stage is what we are, and we are ready to get our asses handed to us again by a nation with three times the population of the one that just pissed on our daily planner for the last fucking decade. Fuck that shit, I ain't contributing to it.

  • JD||

    When Obama wins, I hope the media will report that it was due to all the Ron Paul supporters voting Libertarian that cost the Republicans the election. I'm good with that.

  • Buster Bluth||

    All 5 of them?

  • Thank God, I'm a Criminal||

    Just fucking die from the brain burnout induced from your Faux News consumption already.

  • Jumbie||

    Interesting things I'm seeing in the entrance poll breakdowns.

    Santorum got only 11% of the Catholic vote. Time to pack it in Mr. Cumfart.

    Romney got 90% of his own people, but Mormons still gave 5% to Paul.

    Paul wins among the very poorest, the least educated, the atheists!, the independents and the young.

    Romney won big among Tea Partiers with Gingrich second. Are they aware that these guys supported bailouts and higher taxes and forced healthcare? They are AWARE of this right? This is just them being so AGAINST OBAMA that they are blind to WHY they hate Obama in the first place?

    So, I'm wondering: If Libertarians are the tools of the capitalist imperialists like we're being constantly told and Paul is going to destroy income inequality, then why is Romney the consistent votegetter among those earning 200000 or more for the last 3 contests or so?

    ONLY 4% voted based on immigration. That says to me that it's a dead issue just as it was a dead issue back in 2008 when Tancredo got nowhere running with the full weight of that fat gasbag on CNN who was spending one hour a day whipping up brown people hate.

  • Bingo||

    They are AWARE of this right? This is just them being so AGAINST OBAMA that they are blind to WHY they hate Obama in the first place?

    Ding ding ding.

  • Cytotoxic||

    There are people who call themselves TPers and those who actually protested in Madison and DC. Not anybody in Team Red who likes Sarah Palin is a TPer because they call themselves so.

  • Treezon||

    It is all about the teams. Nothing of significance will ever be more important that the (R) & (D) behind the name.

  • Jumbie||

    It's been mentioned here before, but I had forgotten: Paul's support among the poor is probably because young means poor most of the time and Romney's old geezer supporters are probably pretty rich.

    I think this is worth noting because it reinforces how the geezers have made the US into a giant congame to transfer wealth fromt he young to the old and that that is where the systemic income inequality in America lies. (Naturally the seed of this thinking was planted in my head by the recent reason article on in. At least I think it was reason.)

  • lily||

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  • Buster Bluth||

    You're my neighbor?

  • Jumbie||

    You're the guy I met?

  • Ann Veal||


  • Buster Bluth||

    Are you 12-inch Steve?

  • Jumbie||


    Unfortunate accident with a lawn mower. I had to switch to metric and become 12cm Steve.

  • A Serious Man||

    According to CNN, Ron Paul won the special Clark County caucus for Orthodox Jews and Seventh Day Adventists 153 to Romney's 49.

  • Mr. FIFY||

    Caption for the four-way pic:

    One of these things is not like the other...

  • That Guy named Getty?||

  • Tyler||

    Good to see the Republicans continue to reject the laissez-faire anti-government zero-regulation Hooverite agenda of Ron Paul.

    We don't need a candidate who advocates for all the things that led us into the Great Depression (no regulation on Wall Street, a gold standard, free trade) and Great Recession, we need one who understands there's a role for both business and government in managing the economy.

  • A Serious Man||

    I'm tempted to say spoof, but I can never tell with the lefies. So I'll just cover the bases by saying that you, sir, are retarded beyond belief, as is anyone that thinks A, Hoover caused the Depression, and B, that Hoover was laissez-faire in his response to it.

  • .||

    Spoof, troll, or otherwise, I can't even tell if this one's supposed to be a righty or a lefty.

  • db||

    But that's what I learned in 6th Grade History! Hoover was TEH LAZY FAIR.

  • depression||

    the massive, debilitating, soul permeating, gut excremating truth has finally come all the way out into the light of day

  • smartass||

    It's hard to believe but it looks like Establishment Media is all the way behind Miffed Romnus. Or whatever the fuck his name is, anyway he's an R and not a D.

    Because you see if he beats Obama, the R's will take a huge and probably permanent step to the left. So that the left can go even left-ier.

    And then we really will be a copy-cat western European zombie state.

  • Obama||

    Too late. Mission Accomplished, motherfuckers. Now off to that estate and chateau in Davos the old money Europeans promised me to bring America down a few notches.

  • Hank||

    This mobile site redirect horseshit can go fuck itself in the dickhole.

  • db||

    I am in total agreement. It is getting even more frustrating for its unpredictability. The mobile site is worthless anyway, as far as comments go. The main site at least lets you read 'em, but beware letting it run in the background--that's battery death.

  • Hank||

    I go to desktop site in my mobile browser, and I click on "52 comments". I am sent to the blog post on the mobile site with no comments. At the bottom of that post I select "desktop" and I am sent to the main page. From there I click on H&R, then click on the "52 comments" link again. Then it won't let me scroll to the end of the comments until every last byte on the page has loaded. Then I submit a comment and I am sent to... The mobile site with no comments.

    Fuck. This.

  • cynical||

    I wouldn't mind it (the format is fine) if it just let you see the comments in a mobile-friendly format.

  • ||

    Now these guys really seem to know what time it is . WOw.

  • db||

    HOLY CRAP. I just noticed this quote on the front page of Foreign Policy, leading to an article on "Green Cities":

    "A hundred cities committed to carbon-zero futures would be a hundred cities on their way back to prosperity."

    This is what passes for intelligent, thoughtful policy? I can't think of a better way to ensure the depopulation of a city more than forcing residents and businesses to go green.

  • Obama||

    Hey, that's how Hong Kong did it. Take the advice of my buddy shrike. Do as the Third Way Social Democrat says and you will never be steered wrong.

  • ||

    "Do as the Third Way Social Democrat Fascist says and you will never be steered wrong."



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