Tim Cavanaugh Talks Stimulosis with Jerry Doyle 1:30 Pacific (Almost now!)

Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh will appear on the Jerry Doyle radio show at 1:30 PM Pacific Time today (4:30 PM Eastern).

Topic: Why does Keynesian success feel like failure? It's a big Christmas; there were Black Friday tramplings all over the land; everybody's spending; nobody's saving; the demand gap has been closed. "According to the standard macroeconomic model," Cavanaugh writes, "you revive a stagnant economy by closing the gap in aggregate demand. Taking up the slack in demand is supposed to be the heavy lifting of an economic recovery, the part of the job so big only the government can do it."

Now that big job is done. So why is the economy still in the crapper?

Keynesians, Friedmanites, Austrians, freshwaterists, saltwaterists, Grid Epsilon Irregulars and others are urged to listen in. 

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  • ||

    Meester Garibaldi!

  • Fulton||

    Thank you. I was just thinking "wait a sec, isn't that whatshisface from Babylon 5?"

  • k2000k||

    Interesting story. I was listening to him on the radio once and he talked about how actually tried to run for office during his time on that show. Apparrantly the other actors told him that even though he was their friend they couldn't vote for him. Too think, all those times saving Capt. Sheridan from them Vorlons/whatever and he gets no love from them.

  • Tim||

    " Hello? You're on Jerrymandering with Jerry Doyle..."

  • ||

    Totally OT:

    Just bought Mrs. Dean a share of Green Bay Packers stock for Christmas. They don't sell stock very often, so now is your chance.


    Gratuitous libertarian angle: This is how the Packers are funding stadium renovations. No taxpayer funds needed.

  • ||

    While I'm fully down with this and luvs my Packers (adjusts monocle), $250/share is a bit much for what would be a lark for me and the boy.

  • ||

    You're basically buying a decorative stock certificate to hang on the wall. Mrs. Dean will groove on that. And what Mrs. Dean will enjoy, Mrs. Dean gets. With a bow on it.

  • ||

    And when Mrs. Dean is happy...

  • ||

    I can't for religious reasons. I'm a Bears fan. But it would be kinda fun to have.

  • Gilbert Martin||

    Well offhand I'd say that Keyneseanism feels like failure because it had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any of the upticks in any of the economic statistics.

  • ||

    Uh, maybe the standard macroeconomic model doesn't work?


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