Reason TV: Reactions to Obama's Jobs Speech 9/8/2011 or, "Two Girls One Job"

As President Barack Obama took to the pre-prime-time airwaves to announce his $450 billion jobs program, captured the candid reactions of viewers from all over the Internet.

About 2 minutes. Produced by Paul Detrick. Edited by Sharif Matar.

For more info, and actual ideas that might generate jobs, go here.

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  • yetanothertom||

    That was enjoyable.

  • Matt C||


  • Joe M||

    The Four Loko was a nice touch.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Nice? He was found dead this morning. Dead from Four Loko.

    (Simultaneously too much and not enough stimulus. Pass this bill!)

  • Hugh Akston||

    The Krugnuts bit at the end was classic.

  • ||

    I like Obama's style. I'm a "jobs" man myself. If you know what I mean.

  • The Immaculate Trouser||

    Let it never be said that Bill Clinton doesn't stand behind working girls.

  • ||

    Ugh, these weren't reactions to that "two girls one cup" video, was it?

    Oh god, now I have to think about that. What have you done, Reason magazine?

  • ||

    I'm sure that's exactly what it was, but that's the point! Obama's jobs speech, like 2G1C, is the same old [excrement] recycled.

  • Mr Whipple||

    ROADZ. Who will build the roadz?

    Obama will build the roadz! Just watch out for Roadz Rage.

    Seriously. Last week I had to drive from my home in South Jersey to Kennett Square, PA. I traveled through SJ, over the Delaware Memorial Bridge, through Wilmington, DE, and out Rt 52 to US RT 1 into Kennet. There were three major road projects and a half dozen smaller ones along the way. Any more road projects would cause too much inconvenience. Being stuck in traffic wastes fuel (and brake pads) and delays deliveries.

    Recently, I was listening to an interview on the Philly NPR station with someone from the Philly Dept of Works. Philly is in the process of replacing old, deteriorating water mains. They replace a specific amount every year. I think he said it was a 25 year schedule to replace all of them. He said they could do more per year, but the reason that they do not is because it would cause too much disruption of service and inconvenience.

  • Jerry||

    I lost count on the number of times Obama mentioned his jobs program wouldn't add to the deficit. But of course that is still counting from the baseline that assumes the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of 2012.

  • ||

    If you say enough times it must be true. Everything in this bill will be paid for!! (By a future generation)

  • ||

    One theory going around is that, by extending lower interest rates to longer term debt, which the Fed may do as a surreptitous QE3 'twist', the CBO will be able to reduce the deficit forecasts which are currently built around 4-5% interest costs. So, in this regard, it's already paid for...spending is saving!

  • ||

    Of course, that's total bull. We're going to spend half a trillion more than we are right now, and we're deep into deficit spending without adding this to the equation. Only accounting shenanigans allow this statement to be "truthy."

    If Obama or his party cared one bit about the economy, he'd have proposed massive spending cuts, tax reform/cuts, and serious deregulation. Until all of these happen, we're going to continue to have economic problems.

  • Job Market||

    Please Obama, I don't think I can take any more help!

  • Paul Krugman||

    You'll accept more stimulation and you'll love it, bitch!

  • ||

    The Economy seems un-responsive.

  • ||

    Have you stimulation?

  • Xenocles||

    What do you think that was last night?

  • Malcontent||

    This is like the worst chat room ever.

  • Aimeng||

    Yes, you are right!

  • F Hart||

    Hey Obama, you can have my Gibson Guitar when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

  • ||

    SWAT will be right over.

  • Jeffersonian||

    And your little dog, too!

  • Alfred||

    Funny video but the guy at the end was kind of creepy.

  • Surly Chef||

    "Everyone writing their own rules...this is not the story of America."

    Um, what?

  • ||

    In fact, it is the story of the dynamic American culture.

  • Concerned Citizen||

    True, it just isn't his version of Amerika.

  • ||

    What a steaming pile of dung that was. C'mon Reason, you don't have to say post everything you think cobble together.

  • ||

    "I'm pretty sure I know what most Americans would choose" is a pretty scary line

  • Max||

    Face it, libertarians don't do humor any better than the commies did. You take yourselves and your rigid little ideology too seriously to loosen up. Stick to doctrinaire lecturing.

  • Professor Libertarian ||

    Max is currently supplying his pedantic whining at a rate above market equilibrium, causing the value/price of his posts to decline. We need to impose higher taxes on his posting to discourage market-flooding.

  • ||

    No, but faster depreciation might help.


  • WWNGD?||

    Webcams and video cameras DON'T USE FILM! You are not filming with a video camera! --UGH--

  • Keith||

    Losing battle.

  • ||

    So freedom is not what America is about. I just crapped my pants. Somebody come and clean it up. Obama's got it covered.

  • Highmesa||

    I like the "that which is seen and that which is not seen" aspect of that video.

  • Idiot Savant||

    Gayest thing ever

  • ||

    Dear Reason TV: How can a sophomoric video like this -- a video that flaunts your unwillingness to consider another point of view -- be used in the cause of "reason?"

  • KPres||


  • ||

    I am really bothered by the source of this video. Although I agree with the message, I always held Reason to a higher standard. This type of demagoguery is usually the tool of the Democrats.

  • kicksneakerboxes||



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