Nation's Largest Pension Fund Riddled With Buttinsky Investment Criteria

What could possibly go wrong?

How many policies and statements does CalPERS have aimed at guiding its massive investments, valued at $229 billion last week, in ways that look at the environment, social conditions and corporate governance?

A new study found 111 of them.

Whole article here. Reason wrote about "The Next Catastrophe" in February 2009.

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  • Citizen Nothing||

    Academic studies say ESG may boost investment returns.
    This strikes me as flat-out hilarious.
    Probably because I have no money in CalPERS.

  • Playa Manhattan||

    I do, from a series of summer jobs during college. But I fully expect it not to be there when I'm old enough....

  • GSL||

    Well, not to worry. CalPERS has ways of making its losses on bad investments go away. Sort of.


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