Nanny of the Month (March 2011) - Drug Warrior-in-Chief Barack Obama!

Last month, recognized Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) as our nation's most irritating scold after he busted out a sneak attack on the the world's oldest profession.

This time top dishonors go to the Drug Warrior-in-Chief Barack Obama, whose DEA banned fake pot, thwarted a scientist's decade-long campaign to study marijuana, and raided dispensaries in Montana and California—all in one month!

(Seems like only yesterday when Obama promised he wouldn't waste Justice Department resources raiding medical marijuana dispensaries.)

Presenting the Nanny of the Month for March 2011: President Barack Obama (with DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart grabbing a dishonorable mention)!

Approximately 1:40.

"Nanny of the Month" is written and produced by Ted Balaker. Associate Producers: Hawk Jensen and Zach Weissmueller. Opening animation by Meredith Bragg.

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  • Warty||

    Fucking Desert Eagles. Are they still cool?

  • Barely Suppressed Rage||

    You imply that there is a time limit or duration on the coolness of a Desert Eagle. I submit that there is not.

  • WTF||

    Agreed. Just like there is no time limit on the coolness of the .44 Magnum.

  • SIV||

    .50 AE in titanium-gold tiger stripe? YES

  • ChicagoSucks||

    Fucking Desert Eagles. Are they still cool?

    Only in pairs, and only if they're gold and chrome plated, with ivory grips, and with "Justice" engraved on the right one and "Mercy" engraved on the left.

  • Barely Suppressed Rage||

    Hey, that might be cool in a movie or something.

  • Otto||

    As long as it's not "Replica"...

  • Colonel_Angus||

    Really impractical firearm for usual handgun purposes.

  • ||

    Have you seen Magnum Research's new concealed carry pistol? That fucker is small. But I'm still blown away by how light my Kel-Tec is.

  • ||

    I'm a Kahr guy. You have to put a couple of hundred rounds through them to get them settled in, but that isn't exactly a hardship.

  • ||

    Kahrs are nice, but the Kel-Tec P3AT is retarded light. 8oz. I thought it wouldn't seem that much lighter than my Tomcat, but it is.

  • Warty||

    If you're going to stoop to carrying a blowback pistol, you should at least have the class to carry a Makarov. Not even one mass grave was filled with people murdered with Kel-Tecs, you philistine.

  • Otto||

    Not even one mass grave was filled with people murdered with Kel-Tecs, you philistine.

    You're either a trend-setter, or a follower...

  • Warty||

    I just got a new Ruger SR9c. So easy to conceal.

  • Barely Suppressed Rage||

    Just last night I was reading the latest issue of "America's First Freedom" from those crazy gun nuts at NRA, and it featured the new Kimber Solo. I like the looks of it and intend to go check it out at my local fine purveyor of high-quality firearms.

  • JD||

    If the Texas legislature can pull their heads out of their asses and finally pass a campus carry bill, I'm going to be shopping for a new pocket auto.

    I was leaning toward a .380 (probably the Sig P238), but there are so many new pocket gun in 9x19 that I feel I ought to check them out--Kimber Solo, Ruger LC9, Sig P290, Kahr CM9, etc.

  • AlmightyJB||

    dude. glock. seriously.

  • Xenocles||

    deagled lol

  • Ginger and Maryanne||

    Seems like only yesterday when Obama promised he wouldn't waste Justice Department resources raiding medical marijuana dispensaries

    Hmm...Seems like only yesterday he said it was wromg to commit US forces without congressional approval. There may be a pattern here.

  • SIV||

    "Not one thin dime"

  • B. Obama||

    Let me be clear: These are NOT raids! They are kinetic law enforcement actions, and don't you forget it.

  • Kristen||


  • AlmightyJB||


  • Anonymous Coward||

    There may be a pattern here.

    You mean that oBomBa could very well be a lying liar who lies?

  • Al Franken||

    Not in my book, fella.

  • Ska||

    Have you read Bethesda's version? Lying, Congressional Style.

  • WTF||

    You mean that oBomBa could very well be a lying liar who lies?

    Well, he is a politician after all.

  • MJK||

    Liar, lawyer, mirror show me - what's the difference?

  • G. Bluth||

    Lawyer is Latin for liar Michael, C'MON!

  • Barely Suppressed Rage||

    Weeping shades of chosen indigo, got lemon juice up in your eye.

  • ||

    I have to admit, I thought Obama - being a guy of 'color' or whatever and a lefty - would 'get it' on at least this one issue. And I don't think it completely escapes him now, but the guy's nothing but a empty suit.

  • rather ||

    Could you add anymore stereotypes to that remark?

  • a-hole||

    Here are some: rather/rectal is a man-hating, whiny, retarded, insecure, victimy, fat ugly broad, who mistakenly believes she has talent and brains.

  • ||

    Are you saying 'labeling' Barrack Obama a left winger man-of-color is more stereotype than 'reality?'

  • Warty||

    Whatever you said, you lardulent tramp, was breathtakingly stupid.

  • Thelxiepi||

    Warty pretends he can only see my name and helle that there is simply a blinking message: the siren was here. Even with Orpheus my dears, you have already wet your feet

  • Warty||

    Then why did you change your name so that I'd see your comment, you stupid whore? Fucking riddle me that.

  • rather||

    look up the name, my benighted little boy

  • Warty||

    And a gray name appears. Such a shame.

  • too||


  • PIRS||

    Is Reid trying to court the Social Conservatives? I am trying to figure him out. Maybe I am trying to hard.

  • Otto||

    Maybe I am trying to hard.

    That you are trying to begin with proves this. Statist dirtbag hates freedom, film at 11.

    There may also be some additional "protest too much" stuff going on (it'd be great to hear an escort tell all), but really, when do they ever need a reason to inflict more laws on people?

  • Barack Obama||

    Seems like only yesterday when Obama promised he wouldn't waste Justice Department resources raiding medical marijuana dispensaries.

    Let me be clear.

    The Justice Department resources which raid medical marijuana dispensaries are being employed in the most efficient means possible.

    Also, for the easily-amused, awesome effect/artifact at the start of that video.

  • Holy Cow||

    What involves more government power? Making weed more legal? Making weed less legal?

    Now which side is Obama on? Not that hard to figure out.

    There's all sort of pro-Weed literature (posters, pamphlets, etc.) out there with Obama's beautiful visage. And it's all so pathetic when Hippies become The Man.

  • ||

    As a recent transplant to the Granite State, it's possible I may meet Obama during the NH Primaries. If that happens, I will spit on his shoe.

  • ||

    He has taken to wearing sandals, and riding a donkey.

  • Colonel_Angus||

    Smoking menthols is less likely to cause cancer than smoking the same amount of regular cigarettes. By a lot. This totally fucks with the FDA's agenda and their proposal to ban menthols.

  • Zeb||

    What do you suppose the odds are that the FDA will ban menthols and justify it with the contention that this study will make people think that they are safer?

  • WTF||

    Zeb|3.30.11 @ 2:10PM|#
    What do you suppose the odds are that the FDA will ban menthols and justify it with the contention that this study will make people think that they are safer?

    I'd say that's a pretty safe bet.

  • ||

    I just had fantastic business idea. Grow tobacco in land around Fukushima, make cigs with tobacco. Call them 'Fuel Rods.' Mascot? Joe Godzilla. Get banned by FDA.

    You'd sell millions and millions to the tin-foil hat set. Get Glenn Beck and Gordy Liddy to sell the things. They would be 'untainted' by any government entity or settlement as well.

    Wouldn't even need to update the Surgeon General's warning.

  • Concerned Citizen||

    And they'd be self-lighting!

  • NannyState||

    We need to shut down these marihuana dispensaries FOR THE CHILDREN.

    President Obama said his Justice Department resources would not be used to circumvent state laws regarding medical marihuana. And he has remained true to that statement. First, DEA resources are being used to augment state laws, not circumvent them. Second, forfeitures of assets seized during the raids are likely to surpass the cost of the raids themselves, so that no net resources are used. Third, we need to do this FOR THE CHILDREN.

  • ||

    Try "hypocrite in chief".

  • ||

    Take that Tea Party! We'll Out-Conservative you any day, any time.

  • Dave||

    Why even bother reporting anything Obama says? Has anything other than total bullshit ever come out of his mouth?

    It is a testament to the complete idiocy of the average American voter that this worthless POS might actually get re-elected.

  • Jidster01||

    I've been saying that for the last 2 years. At first, I marveled at the complete idiocy of the average American for voting someone into the highest administrative position in the country who has absolutely ZERO administrative experience and actually expect him to know what he's doing. Now, I just accept it as an unwavering truth.

  • Alan Kellogg||

    Obama's failing is that he thinks he knows better than you, and that this gives him the right to tell you what to do.

  • AlmightyJB||

    Why is Reason racist?

  • DrugWarPig Obama ||

    I am against dumb drug wars; not all drug wars.

  • Jidster01||

    I don't know why people bring up the race card everytime there is an issue with the president. I stopped seeing his race a long time ago. All I see now is an idiot.

  • jake||

    i cant believe obama straight up lied about all this. Dude dont tell us one thing and then do antoher....

  • mbt discount||

    like it

  • xiingguan||

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