Reason Writers on TV: Peter Suderman Talks Wisconsin, Public-Sector Unions on Fox Business Network

On February 22, Reason magazine Associate Editor Peter Suderman appeared on Fox Business Channel to talk about public sector unions and the walkouts in Wisconsin. Approximately 3.5 minutes.

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  • Tim||

    Look! Up in the sky...


    As someone who never watches cable news...

    (I do not have cable, thank god)

    ... and as someone who actually worked a desk with 3 screens with a bloomberg/factset/reuters data streaming....

    ...who the hell can watch TV where there's multiple frames of info streaming at the same time? Its not a webpage!... its freaking TV... fine, ok, some places run it without sound, and maybe it provides some benefit, but frankly I don't need advertisements and trade data streaming every freaking second; people who think there's value there are retards. If you actually need this info, you're *paying attention* to something. Turning every viewer into a Attention Deficit Disorder day trading asshole is not in my humble opinion useful broadcasting...

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