Reason Writers on the Air: Matt Welch on Public Radio KPCC 89.3 FM at 1 PM Southern California Time to Talk About Public Sector Unions


Details here, listen live here.

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  1. That would be… now?

  2. Dude, Lindsey Lohan broke probation…? I just learned something from the radio! What a valuable media.

    Here we go… ‘tremendous controversy!’

    SEIU reps get first call of course…

  3. “you all know this has nothing to do with the budget…”

  4. Ooohh! Some people PAY NOTHING to their pensions? Hmmmmm? Ha ha ha ha ha….

    “It’s not the issue…” (meaning, i’m not going to talk about that)

  5. Middle class!!

  6. Middle class again! (DRINK)

    the only people in the middle class are apparently public sector workers.

    BOO YAA Welch

    “vast difference between public sector and private sector…” … thank you Matt.

    Big up Frank! ” Public function is a monopoly…”~ WIN … Damn, he’s hitting it hard. She shut him down ASAP… cute.

      1. Frank seemed PISSED just starting off… “INSANE!!” Too much emotion, methinks.

    1. Yeah, she asked for people to call in and address Frank’s claim that government is a monopoly. Is there any dispute that government is a monopoly?

  7. I think maybe, “incentive structure” goes over people’s heads a little, matt, as accurate an observation it may be… I think Frank’s sheer determination and emphasis on “INSANE” had more memorable impact.

    (Advertisement = “By the way….KPCC desperately needs Federal Funding to continue operating, because Mercedes Benz isn’t paying the bills! Nor is the James Irvine Foundation…”)

  8. Reason Writers on the Air: Matt Welch on Public Radio KPCC 89.3 FM at 1 PM Southern California Time to Talk About Public Sector Unions

    Is SoCal time different from NoCal time?

    1. its always 4:20 in soCal, baby

  9. Gary =

    Propaganda! Blaming Union workers! …

    Fair point Gary..

    FUCK you said Middle Class!!! DRINK

    “we’re in a partnership”… Yes, Gary, and we want a divorce…

    MORE Labor reps calling in! What, Frank gets 2 sentences, and Labor gets 6 different spots?

    Everyone is citing that freaking non-representative poll to justify their “rights” (‘most americans support our freaking unstated argument’) Yes, “two separate issues” means, “we don’t care about that, we want our free benefits”.

  10. Here we go…

    (second talking point next to middle class)

    Drink #2

    1. No, it wasn’t Toad…

      But if that one dude could get all those union benefits?

      He’d take ’em ’cause he’s got triplets!

  12. Fundamental democratic right!
    Wall Street!

  13. Did I already miss this?!

    I’m listening to Patt Morrison, which is a bit like going to the dentist–except there’s no anesthesia.

    I’m willing to suffer the mad hatted statist if I think Welch is coming up, but otherwise? If Matt’s already off the air, somebody put me out of my misery.

    1. He’s done.

      1. or maybe not. He spoke and then they went to break and had a new guest.

  14. Nice comment from the teacher (julio) who points out, he’s ‘forced’ to join the union.

    Not so nice from the ‘moderator’ who wants to squeeze him closer to the pro-union view.

    Note that not one caller has mentioned the budget at all, even obliquely

    1. Was Matt already on?

  15. Ken, Matt made some introductory remarks but I assume that he’s still there waiting to jump in again… (??)

    1. Thanks.

  16. oh shit, i hear “middle class” any second now…

  17. Or not. Crud.

    1. Figures. I never see these things in time.

  18. Yeah it just died on me.

  19. Dude, that was sorta disappointing. I was hoping for some tete a tete at least.

  20. KPCC, which is an NPR affiliate, makes your friendly neighborhood NPR affiliate look centrist by comparison. You know how people compare Obama to socialists? I think the people at KPCC really are socialists. No, like, for reals.

    I’m sorry I missed Welch. Hearing him over KPCC’s signal would have been like hearing John Galt suddenly come over the airwaves.

    In fact, there’s something very Randian about all of this. I’m no Objectivist, and I’m just as quick to make fun of objectivists as the next guy–but listening to the progressive slimebags take to the public station’s airwaves to denounce anybody who dares to stand in the way of public employee unions is straight out of Ayn Rand.

    Life imitates Rand again!

    Hearing Welch speaking truth over that signal live would have been awesome! Whatever Matt said, I’m sure there were hundreds of people listening who’d never heard it before. And I know there are people who believe stuff just because it’s on KPCC. I bet there were hundreds of people who heard what Matt said and didn’t know whether they supposed to agree with him or not!

    1. Im amazed people even listen to the radio anymore.

      Maybe I’m weird. As mentioned in previous thread, dad never let us watch TV. I find all broadcast media to be kind of bombastic and over the top by itself, completely aside from any political bias… I just don’t like the way it works, and generally will never sit through a show/broadcast without choosing something else to focus on. Thank god for the intertubes… or else I’d just have books… and chicks…

      Exception = Jim Leher rules.

      Forgive me, libertoids – yes, its PBS… but, I’m sorry. Jim is the shit. Recognize…

      Also, my man was a Marine… Dad thought it was OK to watch TV so long as the dude was a former grunt, I guess……..BBaX6Skdjo

  21. I was pleasantly surprised to hear two different callers (out of three) phone in who weren’t buying the union party line, and in two different ways.

    1. This is pretty normal, in my experience, even on public radio in blue states. Public sector unions aren’t popular right now.

      1. I wasn’t especially enthused by the prompting of the host to turn the semi-critical callers into pro-unionists by questioning whether “if they had full benefits…”, would they feel differently?

        It was basically asking, “if you lived in magical candy land where money was handed to you for breathing…” would you want to live there? Duh. Dude was like, “Hell yeah!”

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