Reason Writers on Bloggingheads: Matt Welch Discusses ObamaCare, Regulation, and Tiger-Mother Parenting with Slate's Timothy Noah

On Wednesday, Jan. 19, Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch spoke with Slate Senior Writer Timothy Noah about the political ramifications of repealing ObamaCare, the pros and cons of individual-based health care, the historical Democratic enthusiasm for and current Democratic revulsion at deregulation, and the fallout over tiger-mother parenting. Click on the Bloggingheads link for bite-sized segments, or watch the whole enchilada below:

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  • TallDave||

    My wife tells me all her friends' kids who have experienced both say Filipino schooling is much more rigorous, which is odd considering U.S. per capita GDP is more than ten times that of the Philippines.

  • Foobar||

    Government has a history of being better at controlling health care costs???


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