Reason Writers on the Tube: Radley Balko Talks About the Death Penalty on the Alyona Show

Reason Senior Editor Radley Balko recently talked about the death penalty on Russia TV's The Alynoa Show.

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    They should put Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin posters up on the wall of the gas chambers to indicate the United States criminal justice system's obsession with death.

  • Warty||

    I enjoy these guys' posters.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Playing Swedish death metal at executions might be a good way get the condemned to give the injection to himself.

  • ||

    I see that Radley is broadcasting from his underground lair again.

    "It's all 'Merry Christmas' until the bombs start to fall, fool!"

  • ||

    I kept waiting for the COPS crew to come storming in through the window.

  • ||

    Exactly. I mean, there's no way Radley's wearing pants in that video, right?

  • ||

    Stop projecting your pantless activism. You know that petition form the other librarians is going to get enough signatures one day, right?

  • ||

    "Don't you hate pants?"

  • chrispy||

    This is probably an interesting story, but I could only stand the first 30 seconds of Rachel Maddow lite before I threw up.

  • ||

    Yeah, the hand gestures were bad enough, but the capper was when she pronounced appellate "app-ell-LATE."

    But is it the "Alynoa" or "Alyona"? It's spelled both ways in the post.

  • ||

    Jesus Fucking Christ Balko.
    Is there any way you possibly make yourself look more like an on-line pedophile stalking his prey?

    And the answer is: No, no possible way.

  • Brian E||

    Radley, believe me when I say that I mean this in the best possible way. You are an excellent writer. You are not well suited to being a talking head.


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