One Out of Every 100 Children Left Behind

"MAG: Even kids starting to turn...," is Drudge's wistful teaser for this TimeForKids poll that has President Obama barely squeezing out a gentleman's C on a report card issued by 1,000 U.S. tweens.

But look closely and you'll see a disturbing sign of the troubled state of our schools. The numbers only add up to 99 percent:

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  • ||

    Rounding error. It could have even been 98%. Or 102%. But no more or less.

  • The Bearded Hobbit||

    Oh, come on now.


    They rounded.

    Are you guys just checking to see if we're paying attention?

    ... Hobbit

  • jester||

    rounding rules were taught in the tweens. sig digs in high school. no cop outs.

  • jester||

    The fifth-graders didn't do it. It was the compilers that did it and they ain't fifth-graders. Now that's really sad.

  • ||

    Sad that the compilers rounded the percentages? Or sad that Tim didn't realize this?

  • Dan Lavatan||


  • Attorney||

    Really. Even I know about rounding & percentages.

    When you know less about math than I do, you should be concerned.

  • ||

    No, you fools...they didn't count the votes for Joe Kennedy.

  • ||

    The weighted average for Obama's score is a C.

  • ||

    Or a C+

  • jester||

    C'mon. Tim was working the technicality. Good for him. How many times do we get nailed by technicalities? I saw the irony implied.

  • J.||

    Racist little shits.

  • ||

    But look closely and you'll see a disturbing sign of the troubled state of our schools. The numbers only add up to 99 percent

    The kids only answered the poll. They didn't publish it. Unless TimeForKids is actually run by kids.

  • John Tagliaferro||

    But look closely and you'll see a disturbing sign of the troubled state of our schools. The numbers only add up to 99 percent:

    Three sorts of people in this world. Those who can math and those who cannot.

  • Tim Cavanaugh||

    That's a great joke. I've never heard that before.

  • ||


  • ||

    There are 10 types of people in the world... people who use binary, and people who don't.

  • ||

    I always try that joke with hexadecimal but people lose interest before it's over.

  • db||

    If you see them starting to fade, try switching to octal. If they're really glazed over, trinary might be your only recourse.

  • ed||

    It's obvious: the 100th kid was absent that day.

  • Meathead||

    Or suspended for drawing a picture of a knife. Zero tolerance, you know.

  • Reggie||

    Please tell me the Chinese hacked Reason's site because this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen on here.

    This is supposed to be the place I go to to escape stupidity.

  • ||

    Tim's trick is that you don't know if he posted this as a total joke or not. Enjoy it.

  • ||

    Umm, no. It's pretty obvious that he is seriously ridiculing the 99% sum.

  • ||

    Retract, Tim, retract!

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Well I think Councilman Les Wynan should do more thinkin' and less whinin'.

  • Steve Chaos||

    No children have ever meddled with the Republican Party and lived to tell about it.

  • Xenocles||

    The real question is, "Who really gives a shit what children think?"

  • ||

    But, but... THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  • The Art-P.O.G.||

    We have a winner!

  • ||

    Wow, thats prety scary dude. If we cant take care of our children, what good are we dude!


  • Meathead||


  • The Art-P.O.G.||

    Ha ha ha, well played, sir! So let's see...anonymity bot is a surfer, heroin addict and military veteran. What a full life for a 'bot.

  • Butts Wagner||

    and a Wizard

  • Mike M.||

    These kids obviously grade on a curve.

  • lz22||

    click through.

    Boys' Top Career Choices:
    1. Athlete 15%
    2. Scientist/Videogame designer (tie) 9%
    3. Doctor 6%
    4. Engineer 5%
    5. Member of the armed forces 4%
    6. Chef 3%

    Girls' Top Career Choices:
    1. Teacher 17%
    2. Veterinarian 12%
    3. Entertainer 9%
    4. Fashion designer 8%
    5. Doctor 6%
    6. Chef/Writer (tie) 4%

    they found the gender wage gap??


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