Killer Chic: Hollywood's Sick Love Affair with Che Guevara (Chinese version)

On December 11, released "Killer Chic: Hollywood's Sick Love Affair with Che Guevara," which featured a discussion of former Chinese basketball player Kai Chen's experience under Mao Zedong's murderous regime.

We're happy to release this version of "Killer" Chic with Chinese subtitles.

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  • Maxime Rainville||

    What's up with the Chinese translation?

    Did Nick discover that Reason wasn't censored in China?

  • shecky||

    ¿Puede usted traducir a español? Para los Americanos, sin duda.

  • Xeones||


  • economist||

    How are rock and jazz "imperialist music"?

  • ||

    If Hollywood has a sick attraction to Che, it explains their sick attraction to an imperial presidency:

    Wait until the end where they say: I pledge to serve our President.

    Si, mi Presidente. Lo que usted diga, mi Presidente. Como no, mi Presidente. Mi mujer? Es suya, mi Presidente, faltaba mas!

  • jtuf||

    Unfortunately, Communist dictators get let off the hook for a couple of reasons. First, their speaches mention equality and helping the poor, where as Hitler's speachs were full of racism. Many librals are willing to ignore mass murder if it comes with a nice speach. Second, Hitler brought genocide and war to Europe, which academia sees as the fount of Enlightenment. So, librals attribute all the deaths to him personally. Communist leaders killed millions in countries that academics don't see as "Enlightened", so liberals dimiss the genocides as the result of "complex social forces".

  • Not an Obama Zombie||

    Me imaginé que debería unirse a la multitud y un mensaje en español. No, yo no soy fluido en español. Acabo de saber cómo utilizar Google Translate!

  • Lesbian Until Graduation||

    "Many liberals are willing to ignore mass murder if it comes with a nice speech."

    This is true and frightening - especially since His High and Mightiness, Barack Obama, is knows how to deliver a good speech when he wants to.

  • zoltan||

    When I see Obama commit mass murder I'll be more frightened.


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