Trimming the Presidential Fringes

In Los Angeles CityBeat, Andrew Gumbel does a quick survey of the truly "fringe" candidates for Our American Presidency. The piece isn't as in-depth (or funny) as this topic ought to summon, and it sure could use more links (but it was designed for print, with the web as an afterthought). But you aren't even apt to come across the names of Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey or Frank Moore elsewhere in the media.

So the piece is still worth dipping into for fans of the true heroes of democracy: those who run, run, run, fueled by will and a self-assured desire to save their nation, even though their destination is impossibly far away, and their nation would as soon spit on them as vote for them.

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    I agree that the piece is weak but his analysis is correct.

    Sadly, if the Dems to take the Whitehouse, they will view it as "mandate" to do as they please just as GW did in 2000.

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    I first read about Jonathon The Impaler YEARS ago, and he has been mentioned on previously.

  • frank moore||

    actually my campaign has gotten an amazing amount of press.

    in freedom,
    frank moore


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