The Mitts Are Off!

Ah, this is more like it. Bucking the trend of conservative blogs retrofitting themselves for Republican flackery, Ben (I think Domenech) at RedState takes a cudgel to Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. The popular site hosted Romney for a gushing Q&A wherein he claimed he never called himself "pro-choice," even when he was running to win office in his liberal state. Quoth Ben:

That's all well and good. Mitt Romney wants to be called pro-life. I'd like to be the King of all Londinium and wear a shiny hat.

But let's not kid ourselves: there is no substantive difference between the position labeled "pro-choice," declaring your support for "the right to choose." And that is something that Mitt Romney has done repeatedly over the course of his political career. To say otherwise is to tell a lie.

Nailing blowhard politicians with their own words is one of the simplest and most important features of political blogging. Good to see it's not being totally lost to partisanship.

(Related: August Pollak of Campus Progress has a take on that PJM event that puts mine in the shithouse.)

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  • norbizness||

    We are sure those are Domenech's own words, right?

  • lunchstealer||

    nice Firefly reference, and it's at least refreshingly honest.

    So Domenech has gotten over his whole copy-paste issue, and is blogging for reals now?

  • ||

    Maybe I'm dense, but what's unusual in 2006 about a far-right Republican commentator attacking a "moderate" Republican?

  • ||

    It's a good thing for Ben that Republican web-rags have no standards.


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