Please, John Kerry, Save the Internet From Hype!

Today is Meet John Kerry today, where the 17 people who A) haven't already figured out who they're voting for, and B) managed to avoid watching television or reading newspapers for the past one year straight, will be introduced to the Man from Beacon Hill. To complement that process, I will be dropping fun little excerpts of note from his book-length self-introduction to the American people, A Call to Service. I will provide italics to assist in comprehension. Free speech enthusiasts, for example, might be interested in his views on e-mail spam:

It's obvious that we need a way to can spam without abridging the First Amendment or inhibiting legitimate e-commerce, beginning with requiring an easily understandable and unequivocal subject-line that would at least alert e-mail users to the nature of unsolicited mail. We can't let the best thing that came out of the Nineties get strangled by bad content. Saving the Internet from hype and filth and making it a much more effective medium for learning, communicating, and legitimately and voluntarily buying and selling will be a major focus of the Kerry administration.

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